Matthew Hubbard

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Matthew Hubbard
Matthew Hubbard in 2019
Reign16 December 2017 – 10 June 2021
Coronation16 December 2017
BornMatthew István Hubbard
Matthew István Hubbard
SignatureMatthew Hubbard's signature

Matthew Hubbard (born 2 December 2004), is a retired British born Australian micronational politician, musician and businessman who previously served as the king of Matthewopia and MicroWiki administrator, and within the Empire of Lehmark.

Personal life

Matthew was born in Sussex, England. His entire family then moved to Perth, Australia. Matthew started to become familiar with micronationalism during his time playing the computer game NationStates, discovering Sealand.

Matthew currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia. Matthew contributes to other wikis such as Microwiki, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

Micronational career


The backyard that Matthew claimed for Matthewopia.

Matthew first learned about micronationalism by learning about Sealand in the computer game NationStates, in which it was described as the world's smallest country claiming sovereignty. This led Matthew to seek out more information about the principality online, which led him to discover the broader concept of micronations. Inspired by Prince Roy, he soon decided to start his own country. He planned its creation slowly over more than a year and a half on an old laptop he got for his birthday. He claimed his own backyard as the first territory of Matthewopia, then expanded it to a small island of the coast of Adelaide, South Australia.

Throughout his reign until the dissolution of Matthewopia, Matthew took an active role in government, crafting a variety of policies and composing most legislation. He presided over several major changes in the Republic's government: the establishment of Matthewopia Day to celebrate the nation's founding day, the creation of the national song ('Pingarni Fauna'), and the enrolment of the nation in the Micronational Olympic Federation. Matthew prioritized building Matthewopia's identity, economic development, and establishing informal relations with other micronations. As King, he also served as Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Matthewopia Navy and as a diplomat.


Matthew began editing MicroWiki on 30 April 2019.[1] As of May 2021, Matthew had made over one thousand edits to MicroWiki,[2] which ranks him 70th in Users with the highest edit count. Matthew became a patroller on 14 May 2021, before Administrators abolished the position. Matthew founded MicroProject Translate on 29 May 2021 to promote language diversity on MicroWiki and make it more accessible to micronationalists around the world, as well as the Hubbard System, an article grading system.


Matthew held a variety of positions in Lehmark. Matthew was appointed Director of Marketing after the position was created. Matthew was made a Baron of the Empire of Lehmark on April 20, 2022.


MicroWiki awards

State honours

National honours

Foreign honours


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