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Welcome to MicroProject Translate
Made with a word cloud and pixelbay
Made with a word cloud and pixelbay


  • Expand Microwiki articles written in non-English langauges.
  • Translate English MicroWiki articles to non-English langauges.
  • Welcome non-English speaking micronationalists to MicroWiki.
  • Maintain the Main Page in non-English languages.
  • The project covers all Non-English articles on Microwiki, and important articles that should be translated to a foreign language to increase micronational awareness in non-English speaking nations. All articles written in a language other than English should be contained in the Category:Non-English pages or one of its subcategories.


Please add your name to the list of participants at the bottom to join the project.

  1. The founder of this Microproject, speaks English and Hungarian natively and is currently learning German through school.
  2. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Romanian and English fluently and is currently learning Russian.
  3. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Italian and English and is currently learning Russian.
  4. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Estonian and English fluently.
  5. Patroller, Moderator and editor on MicroWiki, speaks English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese fluently.
  6. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks English, Hindi and Bengali fluently. Knows some basic French also.
  7. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks English natively, French at a conversational level, and German at a basic level.
  8. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Ukrainian, Russian natively, fluent in Polish and English, learning Turkish and Spanish.
  9. Moderator on MicroWikI@Discord, speaks English natively, Lithuanian fluently, French and Spanish at a conversational level.
  10. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Estonian and English fluently.
  11. French origin, is for the development of the French language within the MicroWiki community. Only speak French.
  12. Patroller and editor on MicroWiki, speaks English natively, and Spanish at a basic level. Currently learning Spanish and German.
  13. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Irish and English natively, and is currently learning Spanish. Wishes to add Irish translations to pages when needed.
  14. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks Odia, English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu fluently. Can help when needed help in any of these mentioned languages. Currently learning Nepali.
  15. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks English and Glaswegian Scots natively, and is currently learning French
  16. Editor on MicroWiki, speaks English and Irish natively, is learning French, Dutch, Ukrainian, Welsh, and Haitian Creole


Users who wish to show their relation to Project Translate may use the following Userbox:

This user is a member of MicroProject Translate.

{{User Translate}}


  • The main language of the site is English. Therefore, we recommend that you create content on it and follow the Non-English language pages, use the "/language code" prefix (eg for Hungarian "Principality of Hutt River/hu" ) and add the template {{Available languages}} with the name of the original English page embedded in a single parameter (i.e. {{Available languages|English name}} ).

Please do not add machine translations of foreign language articles to MicroWiki. Due to their poor quality, they are generally not useful and can be very difficult to fix. In the future, please follow the instructions laid out at MicroWiki:MicroProject Translate.

How To Translate An Article

  1. Find a suitable article that exists on MicroWiki in English.
  2. Go to the Create Page Wizard and enter the wanted name in the search box with the language code prefix (eg for Hungarian "Principality of Sealand/hu" ). Then click the button marked "create page".
  3. Paste your translation on the target page. Don't worry too much about formatting at this stage.
  4. Save the page, including an edit summary providing copyright attribution stating what you're about to do and that the text was translated from the English version of the article. You should provide a link to the source article, to give credit to the original writers. We suggest text for the edit summary like:
    Content in this edit is from the existing MicroWiki article at [[Exact name of MicroWiki article]]; see its history for attribution. Formatting follows.
  5. If appropriate, edit again, tidy up the layout, and add links, headings, and images. If you want to add templates, do that, too.
  6. Add the category Category:name of language-language pages (eg for French [[Category:French-language pages]]).
  7. If the article was originally in English, add the translate template, {{Available languages|Exact name of the English article}}.
  8. Save again, including a suitable edit summary.
  9. Check and correct as necessary.

Thank you!

Open tasks

Please add tasks you think need doing.

After you have completed the task, please add {{Template:Done}} to the listing.

* Improve the Main Page articles in your language, adding an updated list of Staff.

  • Translate articles from English to your language, following the conventions for translation.
  • Translate important message boxes to your language and add them to their relevant pages.









Articles that need to be created