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Share % of contributions of the top 5 editors, top 6–50 editors, and the top 51–100 editors. (from 21 March 2022)
Share % of contributions of the top 5 editors, top 6–100 editors, and the rest of MicroWiki. (from 21 March 2022)

An edit count is a number stored for each user counting the total times they have saved a change or changes to a page on MicroWiki. MicroWiki, which has run on MediaWiki since 7 November 2013, counts edits in all namespaces (articles, talk pages, user pages, user talk, templates, files, etc.), however some types of edits that may be included in certain page count tools, such as page moves,[a] are not captured by the counting method employed to compile this list. The simplest method to view a user's edit count is via Special:Preferences, which includes deleted edits.[b] The MediaWiki extension Special:Editcount gives a more detailed view of the namespaces edited by a user, however it excludes deleted edits.[c] Nevertheless, typing {{Special:Editcount/User}} will display a user's live edit count on any page; this will also include deleted edits. The server counts each edit – regardless of whether it reflects a single change to a page or many – as 1; this is what the server does when generating the efficient counts shown in Special:Preferences and in Special:Editcount, the latter of which gathers its data directly from the server.

When MediaWiki was installed on 7 November 2013, all prior edit counts and page histories were erased – the entirety of edits made on microwiki.org.uk (7 November 2010–7 November 2013), which itself did not include edits made on MicroWiki's original website hosted on Wikia (now Fandom), which was registered on 27 May 2005. As such, for user accounts registered on MicroWiki prior to the installation of MediaWiki there is a significant disparity between the edit counts counted on the aforementioned methods and their actual edit counts on MicroWiki. In order to attempt limit this discrepancy, the below list includes the edit counts of users on the former Wikia website – the edit counts of whom are still publicly viewable on MicroNations Fandom[d] – and an estimated edit count on microwiki.org.uk, the number of which has been estimated based on various calculation methods, such as known edit counts (typically via snapshots on the Wayback Machine; testimonials are not considered reliable) and guesses based on calculations from the known average daily edit counts of users with registered accounts on both Wikia and the current MicroWiki.

The first edit on MicroWiki was made on 27 May 2005 at 15:14 (UTC) by Fabian Schneider (Monsterfurby), the founder of MicroWiki. Thus, Schneider held the highest edit count on the wiki. In late October 2005, Perry, chancellor of Arlberg, claimed the title upon reaching 23 edits; in c. May 2006, Jeffrey II, Prince of Satirocity, overtook Perry upon reaching ~100 edits.[e] Cesidio Tallini (IndigoGenius) overtook Jeffrey II somewhere in 2007 with over 509 edits, followed by Robert Lethler (Ptrcancer) in c. 2009 with over 1,000. It is probable that Alexander Reinhardt (Cajak) was the last user to hold the highest edit count on Wikia, after he reached over 2,000 in c. late 2009 to c. early 2010. Aldrich Lucas, editing on microwiki.org.uk, reached the highest edit count "well before 26 February 2011" upon reaching between ~5–6,000 edits or more. By the time Lucas retired from editing in February 2012, he had made 28,632 edits to the wiki, well over that of any other user. His edit count would not be overtaken until 30 May 2020, when Zed (ZabëlleNB) achieved a larger amount. Since the installation of MediaWiki software, which reset all edit counts to zero, six individuals have held the top spot for most edits on the site: Ciprian (Cip), Jonathan I of Austenasia (Austenasia), Ned Gunderson (Mikejones; formerly Nedland), Tarik Karjasari (Ricky), John I of Baustralia (KingdomOfBaustralia) and the current holder Zed (ZabëlleNB; formerly Z Luna Skye). With 50,335 edits as of 26 May 2022, the user has held this distinction since 7 November 2019.

Relationship between edit count and skill

Edit counts are a crude and inaccurate measure of determining an editor's skill or worth ("Quality over quantity"). There are many reasons why a total number of edits usually does not indicate quality of work, quality of an editor, or the significance of contributions to the wiki. Many editors who are high on the list perform routine tasks that require less time per edit such as fixing typos, maintaining templates, adding ambox templates, updating and maintaining lists, reverting vandalism or creating redirects; conversely, users who create a number of long new pages or make major additions might easily spend a week or more undertaking research before editing, and appear much lower on the list, if at all. Additionally, some editors use the 'Show Preview' button until they are satisfied with a particular (possibly very long) edit, while others will habitually save a succession of small changes as they go. Lastly, some editors may excessively edit pages in the user namespace, especially their own userpages (also called sandboxes) when making test edits.



Key: user groups (roles)
Code User group
Ad Administrator
AmU Automoderated user
AP Approved
B Bureaucrat
Ch CheckUser
Co Confirmed
CS Czech MicroWiki administrator
D Deleter
GuA Guide admin
GW Guide writer
IAd Interface administrator
ImR Image-reviewer
LAd Logadmin
Mod Moderator
Nc Nocat
Pa Patroller
Pt Patron
St Staff
SU Superuser
TAd Techadmin
TE Template editor
T Trusted
UAd Useradmin
UpW Upload Wizard campaign editor
Blocked A blocked user

The list

The following table lists the one-hundred users with the largest edit counts,[f] as well as their user groups ('roles'). Edit counts are updated automatically via the MediaWiki extension Special:Editcount, which takes its edit counts directly from the server. As of 21 March 2022, in order to be included on this list a user must reach an edit count of 1,521. 81 users have over 2,000 edits, 55 over 3,000, 43 over 4,000, 34 over 5,000, 25 over 6,000, 20 over 7,000 and 8,000,[g] 16 over 9,000, and 13 over 10,000. Seven users have edit counts higher than 15,000, and four have over 20,000. Zed (ZabëlleNB) and Dhrubajyoti Roy (Oritsu.me) are the only users to have more than 30,000 edits, with Zed being the only user to have more than 40,000 and 50,000 edits.[1]

Rank Account Owner Edits User groups
Rankings as of 22:52, 11 May 2022 (UTC); while edit-counts ​are​ automatically updated, ranks have to be updated by hand and may therefore be outdated.
1 ZabëlleNB Zed 50,335 Nc
2 Oritsu.me Dhrubajyoti Roy 33,542 Ad, Nc, Pa
3 KingdomOfBaustralia John I of Baustralia 28,771 Nc
4 Aldrich Lucas[h] Aldrich Lucas 28,632
5 Mikejones Ned Gunderson 17,387 Nc
6 AtomCZ Tomáš Falešník 16,900 Ad, CS, Mod, Nc
7 Austenasia Jonathan I of Austenasia 2,111 +
Ad, B, Ch, IAd, LAd, Nc, SU, TAd, UAd
8 B Chkaya Babou Chkaya 13,093
9 Amogus Brotherton Andrew Brotherton 12,451
10 MissEDconexion Charles Ross 12,065 Ad, AmU, Nc, UAd
11 EmperorAdamI Adam I of Adammia 11,796 GuA, GW, LAd, Nc, St
12 Swena Miles B Huff 1,762 +
3,429 +
13 Adml1 Imrich Kvajda 11,524 Nc
14 MattL Matthew Laptev 11,450
15 Aenopia Logan Ross 9,670 GW, Nc
16 Atomictron7 Miles 9,319
17 Jaydenfromcanada Jayden Lycon 9,212 Amu, Nc
18 Cookieman1.1.1 Aidan McGrath 8,863
19 Summi Imperatoris
Summi Imperitoris
Christina I of Cycoldia 8,225 +
20 Ricky Tarik Karjasari 8,151 Nc
21 Niko3818 Abrams I of Ikonia 8,061 Blocked, Nc, UpW
22 Presidential Republic of Lanzantonia ​Jevon A. Perkins​ 6,833
23 UOMS Hunt Powell 6,866
24 Kolkaria Shady Morsi 6,875 Nc
25 Esty Esty Carpentieri 6,139
26 Maine Otto Gillespie Birch 6,046 Nc, PA
27 OrOwl Benjamin Pickles 5,840
28 LittleMissDexterous Addison Dillon 5,851 Nc
29 Ginoscorpio Eugenio II of Beaulosagñe 5,831 Blocked
30 Eric 22 Eric Smith 5,859
31 Australis Daniel Hamilton 5,682
32 State of Samizdat Esteban I of Samizdat 5,609
33 Cajak[i] Alexander Reinhardt 5,302 +
34 Coumor Connor I of Atovia 5,341
35 Johann Johann Kümmel 5,067
36 Salute Jackson I of Kapreburg 4,729
37 StefanSNG Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu 4,698
38 Shorewell Bilal I of Shorewell 4,650
39 Grand Duchy of Queensland Albert George Philip 4,745
40 Cristi Cristian Dobrev 4,602 Nc
41 Matt Matthew Hubbard 4,633 Ad, AmU, Mod, Nc
42 Luxor Karl Friedrich 4,359 Ad, B, Ch, GuA, GW, IAd, LAd, Nc, Pa, Pt, SU, TAd, T, TE, UAd
43 SALANDA (THE KINGDOM OF SALANDA) Reuben I of Salanda 4,421
44 Mekniy Praeniy Naemal Seok 4,098 CS
45 Gamalielrgz Gamaliel Rodríguez 3,848
46 President of St. John William Timothy 3,706 Nc
47 DukeBearPeninsula Jordan Farmer 3,551
48 Twain Henry Clémens 3,468 Ch
49 Indradhanush Chandrachur Basu 3,471
50 MilitarmiaGov Stephen I & II 3,372
51 BELCITY Lorenzo Marquez 3,372
52 Mayor of Rhys' Island Fedora Firewood 3,341
53 Wegmat Cole B. 3,460 Nc
54 Dalek Jacob Deceuninck 3,295
55 Ruthenia Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia 3,155
56 Naveria Casper von Naveria 3,007
57 Ptrcancer[j] Robert Lethler 2,957
58 Emperor Nicholas Kaos Nicholas I of Abelden 2,884
59 Bob Christ Bob Christ 2,856
60 Grand Duke Nicholas I. Nicholas I of Klitzibürg 2,848
61 TheShinji69 Jack Dean 2,755 AmU
62 The Empire of New Amsterdam Joseph Wye 2,673
63 Dionisiy Alexander IV of Pavlov 2,638
64 TSmith Titania Smith 2,637
65 Tsar Stefan I Stefan I of Great Lawl Reich 2,603
66 Jasooper Cooper Norfolk 2,532
T67 Requiao Adilson Requião 2,490
T67 William GF Wilson William I of Gradonia 2,491 Nc
69 WeaponizingArchitecture Jonas Rhymer 2,431
70 Nabil nordamdie Nabil Ihsan 2,419
71 Fabriziodg91 Feng Li 2,415
72 Patrick I of Paravia Patrick I of Paravia 2,403 AP, Nc
73 Jak123 2,398
74 Metrozhdun
Vladislav Chokin 2,198 +
75 Edward Daniels Richard Dalton 2,298
76 ChancellorOfExcelsior23 Nicolas Wiedemann 2,450
77 Demontux Pierre d'Égtavie 2,230 Nc, SU
78 Joefoxon[k] Joe Foxon 2,163
79 Devinpurcell Devin Purcell 2,284 Mod
80 FreshPotato76 Scottie I of Freshland 2,111
81 Posaf.gov Various 2,055
82 Liu-kuang Liu-kuang 2,052
83 OIMGov Filaret Prokhorovych Zakharov 1,958 Blocked, Nc
84 Peter Griffin Leon Montan 1,915 Nc
85 Andrew I of Pontchartrain-Marepas Andrew I of Pontunia 1,872
86 ManuTheSecond Emmanuel I & II 1,895
87 AnthonyClark Anthony R Clark 1,818 Ad, Ch
88 Aarianian State Aaron Green 1,816
89 Cip Ciprian 1,777
90 Dale.gov Danny Clarke 1,727
91 Andany Gov Pablo Macias 1,725
92 Suzuki Suzuki Leōcor 1,711 Blocked
93 Wyatt400 Wyatt Baek 1,344 +
381 +
94 Incipious​ Russell Gilzem 1,623
95 Caesar Nicolas I of the Millan Clan Nicolás Millán 1,622
96 Oxocero Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy 1,619 Nc
97 Agrippalol Mathias L. Magnussen 1,586
98 Józef Poniatowski Brandon Mierzwa 1,573
99 Kostas Edward I of Ashukovo 1,584
100 DecimusBASED Sean Dunkerque 1,559

  • This lists only the top 100 most prolific editors, however, the count may exceed 100 if a tie exists for the 100th-highest edit count
  • While edit-counts ​are​ automatically updated, ranks have to be updated by hand and may therefore be outdated.

Historical highest edits progression

Aldrich Lucas (depicted) held the highest edit count on the wiki for at least three years,[l] and was the first user to reach 10,000 and 20,000 edits.
Ned Gunderson (Nedland; now Mikejones) was the first user to reach 10,000 edits on MediaWiki, and held the highest edit count (on MediaWiki) for nearly three years.


The following table lists the nine times a user has held the record for highest edit count since MicroWiki's move to MediaWiki. Since the move on 7 November 2013, six users have held the record for the highest edit count on the site, with two users holding this distinction more than once: Austenasia, who held this distinction three times (15 May–18 November 2015; 27 December 2015–1 March 2016; 8 March–15 May 2016) and Nedland, who held this distinction twice (18 November–27 December 2015; 15 May 2016–7 November 2019).

  Former record for days held
  Current record for days held
User Date achieved Edits at date Days held
Cip 7 November 2013 1 189 days
Austenasia (1) 15 May 2014 827 552 days
Nedland (1) 18 November 2015 2,802 39 days
Austenasia (2) 27 December 2015 2,953 65 days
Ricky 1 March 2016 3,297 7 days
Austenasia (3) 8 March 2016 3,334 68 days
Nedland (2) 15 May 2016 3,581 1065 days
KingdomOfBaustralia 15 April 2019 15,659 207 days
ZabëlleNB 7 November 2019 18,607 931 days

Pre-MediaWiki guesses and estimates

  Former record for days held (pre-MediaWiki)
  Current record for days held (pre-MediaWiki)
User Date achieved Edits at date Days held Notes
Wikia (now Fandom) (27 May 2005–7 November 2010) 27 May 2005 1 0 days [m]
Monsterfurby 27 May 2005 2 ~127 days [n][o]
Perry of Arlberg c. October 2005 23 ~212 days [p]
Jeffrey II c. May 2006 ~100 ~298 days [e]
IndigoGenius c. early(?) 2007 509+ ~500 days [q]
Ptrcancer c. 2009 ~1,000+ ~395 days [j]
Cajak c. early 2010 (?)[r] ~2,000+ ~355 days [i]
MicroWiki.org.uk (7 November 2010–7 November 2013)
Aldrich Lucas (?) c. 26 February 2011[s] est. ~5–6,000+ (?) ~973 days [h]

Milestones and most edits per year


Fabian Schneider (Monsterfurby), the founder of MicroWiki, made the first edit on 27 May 2005.[3]
Cesidio Tallini (IndigoGenius) was the first user to make a thousand edits, doing so in 2008.
User Edit milestone Date achieved
Monsterfurby 1 27 May 2005
Jeffrey II, Prince of Satirocity 100 May 2006
IndigoGenius 1,000 c. early 2008(?)
Cajak 5,000 November 2010
Aldrich Lucas 10,000 ~20 June 2011
Aldrich Lucas 20,000 ~26 October 2011
ZabëlleNB (then Z. Luna Skye) 30,000 3 July 2020
ZabëlleNB (then Z Luna Skye) 40,000 9 March 2021
ZabëlleNB 50,000 13 May 2022

Most edits per year

Includes estimates.

Year User Edits
2005 Perry <99
2006 Jeffrey II, Prince of Satirocity 391+
2007 IndigoGenius ~500+
2008 IndigoGenius ~500+
2009 Ptrcancer ~1,500+
2010 Cajak ~3,000+
2011 ? ?
2012 Aldrich Lucas >20,000
2013 ? ?
2014 Austenasia 1,465
2015 Mikejones (then Nedland) 2,915
2016 Mikejones (then Nedland) 3,548
2017 Mikejones (then Nedland) 9,195
2018 KingdomOfBaustralia 8,110
2019 ZabëlleNB (then Z. Luna Skye) 19,775
2020 ZabëlleNB (then Z Luna Skye) 14,203
2021 Oritsu.me 16,470

See also


  1. If a user renames (moves) a page, that adds a history entry on both the old and new names of the page to show that the page was renamed, and therefore counts as 2 towards a user's contributions count. If the page being moved had a talk page, which was renamed as well, that counts as 2 more, so a single move can add up to 4 to a user's contribution count, while it would add 0 to the server count.
  2. For instance, if the user tagged an article for speedy deletion and the article was subsequently deleted, the server count continues to reflect that now-deleted edit as having been made and thus includes it in the total edit count.
  3. As Special:Editcount attempts to create more detailed results by relying on looking through Special:Contributions and counting edits there, it does not include deleted edits. Deleted edits, which are only visible to administrators, are not counted on Special:Contributions; therefore this edit count of contributions is often lower than the server count.
  4. Though a controversial issue, all edits made on MicroNations Fandom after 7 November 2010 should not be counted, as it is considered a separate wiki unaffiliated with MicroWiki.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Accounts included (391 edits): As well as various IPs (~118 edits)
  6. The total number of users listed may exceed one-hundred if a tie exists for the hundredth-highest edit count.
  7. As of 21 March 2022, no users have 7,000 edits; 20 users have more than 7,000.
  8. 8.0 8.1 According to the History of the MicroWiki community article: "[around 26 February 2011] Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko, a highly active administrator, becomes extremely influential over MicroWiki". Perhaps he held the highest edit count for a time. By the time he left in February 2012, Lucas had made 28,632 edits to the wiki.[2]
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