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Army of the Kan of Konraq
Established 4 August 2018
Country Konraq Khanate
Previous engagements Konraqi Revolution
Current engagements None
Kan Habdaminah
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel 10
Palace Plot
Date 1–16 December 2018
Location Konraq
Result Coup failed
  • Strenghnation of the Palace Faction
  • Shootouts between the loyal elements and pro-coup soldiers occupying
  • Members of Milliytiklanish arrested
Flag of Konraq.png Konraq Khanate Fadl.png Milliytiklanish
Flag of Konraq.png Habdaminah
Flag of Konraq.png Yno de Wacht
Fadl.png Mohammed Boky
Fadl.png Abdul Faisal
Flag of Konraq.pngArmy of the Khanate of Konraq - 10 Milliytiklanish Rifleman - 4
Injuries and losses
1 injured 3 injurd