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This is a page detailing various records of MicroWiki. Some of them may never be fully known, but it's worth listing the ones we know. This is updated by various users as legitimate records change, however if you wish to add new categories for records please take it up on the talk page.


Total number of articles: 39,436


Total number of edits on MicroWiki: 1,681,298 edits


Total number of users: 75,745

Good articles and featured picture

Good articles

Number of good articles: 131


Featured pictures

Title length


Templates, disambiguation pages and categories


Disambiguation pages


Vandalism and deletion



  • Number of files: 113,780
  • Most linked to file: (3,398 pages)
  • Most edited picture: (fill in if found)
  • Image with the most duplicates: (12 duplicates)
  • Earliest file assessable on the current MW: (7 November 2013)
  • Largest file size: (28.08 MB)
  • Smallest file size: (110 bytes)
  • Article with most pictures: MicroWiki Influence Survey (1137 Images)
  • First svg: (fill in if found)




This may be inaccurate due to articles being deleted.


The first user and first article remain unknown.


  • 100th user: Unknown
  • 100th article: Unknown





The most visited page at any given time is the Main Page, which had 133,977 views on 2019, up from 110,450 in 2018. The Republic of Kekistan was the most visited micronation page in 2019 (23,201 views) and 2018 (47,037 views), both times being closely followed by the Empire of Austenasia (7,574 in 2019, 6,634 in 2018).

Top-25 list

(1 January 2019 — 31 December 2019)

Rank* Page Views
* Main Page 133,977
* Special:RecentChanges 44,845
1 Republic of Kekistan 23,201
Category:Micronations 12,471
* Special:Uploads 11,553
** User:Z. Luna Skye 11,236
2 Empire of Austenasia 7,574
3 List of micronations by location 7,469
4 Principality of New Eiffel 6,796
* Special:Watchlist 6,361
5 Empire of Iustus 6,022
6 List of micronations by size 5,310
7 Grand Unified Micronational 5,074
* MicroWiki:Create page 4,913
8 List of micronations 4,863
9 List of micronations by population 4,620
** Special:Contributions/Z. Luna Skye 4,249
10 Kingdom of Ikonia 3,875
11 Lists of micronations 3,859
12 Tsardom of Phokland 3,753
* Special:RecentChanges?hidebots&limit=500&days=7 3,651
* MicroWiki:Good articles 3,564
13 Republic of Molossia 3,545
14 Gallery of flags of micronations 3,458
15 Grand Republic of Cycoldia 3,291

-*Special pages and MicroWiki:-prefix pages.

-**User-related or user page.



  1. 'Really bad' article. Was removed nine minutes later for being a joke nomination.
  2. Jokingly nominated and received joke supports
  3. Occasionally when clicking on a red link, creating a page, or adding a discussion to any talk page (on mobile view), it may fail to do the requested action and redirect to this page; a null pointer in computing has a value saved for indicating that the pointer or reference does not refer to a valid object.
  4. One Daniel Callaghan created a total of 11 alt accounts with the sole purpose of vandalising pages related to the Empire of Adammia between February and April 2016. As a result, the page Empire of Adammia holds the record for the most vandalised page on MicroWiki to this day.
  5. Admins reported deleting large numbers of red link saviours created by this user.
  6. Confirmed: Suspected:

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