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— King  —
Name His Majesty John I by the Grace of God of Baustralia, the Dominions, King, Emperor of Ostreum
  • 7 June 2003
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Country  Baustralia
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Anglicanism
Politics Conservative
Movies War dramas
Military career
Allegiance  Baustralia
Service/branch  His Royal Navy
link={{{2}}} Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
Years of service 2 July 2017 - present
link={{{2}}} April 2015 - present
Rank Baustralia-Navy-O10-infobox.svg Admiral of the Fleet
Canada-RCSC-OR6-infobox.svg Petty officer, 2nd class
JIR cypher.svg This person is the King of Baustralia
41 This person reigns over 41 citizens.
Generic-navy-O12.svg This person is an Admiral of the Fleet in His Royal Navy.
en This person can contribute in a native level in the English language.
fr-3 Cette personne peut contribuer dans un niveau avancée en français.
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John I

Welcome to the user page of the current Baustralian monarch. The current Baustralian monarch is His Majesty John I by the Grace of God of Baustralia, the Dominions, King, Emperor of Ostreum. Due to the constitution, His Majesty would prefer that discussions be sent to the Prime Minister, or the the Commissioner General.

About John I

John I (formerly Jacob I; Jacob Patrick; born 7 June 2003) is the King of Baustralia, the Dominions, Emperor of Ostreum. Before his reign in Edstmae, he was the Prince Jacob Patrick of Cumberland.

John was born in Toronto as the first child of HRH the King Mother, and HRH the King Father, and is being educated in the Ontario public school system. He is currently a cadet in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets with the rank of Petty officer, 2nd class, and serves without pay as an Admiral of the Fleet in His Royal Navy.

He is King of Baustralia, and Wangatangia, aswell as Emperor of Tentacion. He also had a short reign during the Baustralian Occupation of Edstmae. He founded the Houses of Caravaggio, and Timpson, the Kingdom, and the Empire of Baustralia.

Early life

John, born at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on 7 June 2003, was the eldest child of John Caravaggio, and Susan Garsnell (later, THR the King Parents). Two years later, she bore Katelynn, the queen of Edstmae.

Though John grew up with his mother being Catholic, and his father Protestant, is Anglican, and was baptized 22 April 2018.


His reign (the Jacobean era in Baustralian history) saw the constitution, bill of rights, and justice act being passed, though is set to be replaced by the end of 2016. His reign also saw the Baustralian Conquest, which doubled the land of Baustralia, and also made himself two dominions, one which used to be Baustralian land.

List of Baustralian Monarchs

# Monarch Portrait Reign Notes
I John I Portrait of John I of Baustralia, 2018, by Katelynn and Jacob of Edstmae.JPG 20 June — Originally named Jacob I, renamed 2 July

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