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Zabëlle Lunarius Skye
'Editor of the Night'
Artistic depiction of Skye by Richard Lydekke, c. 2020–21

Signature since 23 May 2022
Z Luna Skye.png
Former signature

User ID: 4010

Salutations! My pen name is ZabëlleNB, full name Zabëlle Lunarius Skye. I was formerly known as Z Luna Skye until May 2022.[a] I formerly served as an administrator on this wiki between February 2020 to January 2021, having been a Patroller since 24 February 2019.[4][5] I particularly enjoy non-technical maintenance work—updating and maintaining lists, creating redirects and wanted categories, fixing double redirects and creating disambiguation pages—tasks that many other editors would find repetitive. In addition, I also have a large focus on content creation; my particular interests at the moment are the early history of the MicroWiki community (20052009) and micropatriology, as well as copyediting for my "Vital Articles" project. Lastly, I also review good article nominations and make other minor edits such as improving punctuation, fixing typos and correcting poor grammar.[6]

Registering this account on 27 September 2018,[1] I initially seldom edited. I gradually began my descent into madness in January 2019 after I made one thousand edits in a single month. I quickly amassed almost 50 edits a day,[7] consequently sacrificing my personal life, education, physical and mental health, so that I could spend more time editing. On 18 March 2019, I made 318 edits in a single day; 507 on 10 October, and 728—my present record—on 7 November.[8] I made my 10,000th edit on 7 June 2019,[b] and became the user with the highest edit count on 7 November 2019 upon reaching 18,607 edits. I hit the milestone of 20,000 edits on 5 December 2019,[9] 30,000 on 3 July 2020,[10] 40,000 on 9 March 2021,[11] and 50,000 on 13 May 2022, being the first user to hit the latter three milestones.[12]

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Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar.png The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar
In the spirit of ripping off Wikipedia and in appreciation for how nice you are to new members with your friendly foreign policy, i present you with this gift! :)

--Guess I never Miss, 21 January 2020

20,000 Edits Medal.jpg
(20,000 Edits Award), 5 December 2019



  1. Zabëlle Lunarius Skye is – in reality – a backronym. The name "Z. Luna Skye" dates back to before 18 July 2018, as a username for a mobile video game. I later used the name to register an account on a battle royale video game on 11 August, and as the name of my MicroWiki account on 27 September. The name comes from a combination of the first letter of my real first name, my then-favourite feminine name Luna, and the name of my then-favourite YouTuber Skye. On 12 November 2020 I changed my username to omit the full stop for simplicity,[3] and later made up the name "Zabëlle Lunarius Skye" on 21 February 2022. On 3 May 2022, my username was changed to ZabëlleNB.
  2. The subject of my 10,000th edit is unknown.


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  • ⸻ (29 December 2020) "On the Early History of MicroWiki: Influential Micronations and Micronationalists". Indie Books!.


  • ⸻ (late 2022) "Historical Overview of the MicroWiki community 2005–2009".

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