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Oh, hi there! What are you doing here? Ahem, so... um... this is my userpage I guess.
You still here? Oh. Um, why don't you... check the rest of the website too? I heard this page is also really great, you should totally visit there.

Uh, you're not away yet? Well, fine, I'll let you stay for a while I guess...


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(but completely forgets about it)
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CS Tento uživatel umí česky jako když byčem mrská.
EN This user can speak decent English.
DE Dieser Benutzer kann... er... ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen.
SQ Ky përdorues nuk mund të flasë shqip.[1]
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An outdated political compass of mine, why is it still here?
No, seriously, why?
Like really, I'm way closer to the centre now, this is outdated.
Why don't I update it?
I don't know.
No but seriously. I'm completely remaking this, why don't I just remove it?
Now this is just not funny anymore...
If at least I had an excuse to leave it here, but I don't.

Ahem, you are still here? There's literally nothing more on this page.

Just go away already, please. Don't you have anything batter to do? It's not like something is going to magically appear here. Go, I don't know, visit this guy, for instance.

Don't check this, that's a private link so that I can get there quick!