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It is I, Sertor Valentinus. In other circles, I may be known as Indo, Vinda or Pharoahs.


About Me

I became a Micronationalist after being introduced to it by some friends from NationStates, becoming with the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions, and later becoming a councillor within the Kingdom of Pinelandia. From there, my Micronational Career took off!

Alongside committing to the micronationalism hobby, I am also a frequent player of NationStates, a political simulation game where I first honed my politicking, before trying out other fields such as CyberNations, which I ultimately did not like (Seriously, was their website last updated in 1995? Gives reddit a run for its money)..


Random Information



  • Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Flag of Spain.svg Kingdom of Spain
  • Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Republic
  • Flag of France.svg French Republic
  • Flag of Cape Verde.svg Republic of Cabo Verde


Ancient Counties
  • Flag of Northumberland.png Northumberland
  • Flag of Yorkshire.png Yorkshire
    • Flag of North Riding of Yorkshire.png North Riding
    • West Riding Flag.png West Riding
  • Lancashire County Flag.png Lancashire
  • Lincolnshire Flag.png Lincolnshire
  • Flag of Middlesex.png Middlesex
  • Flag of Cheshire.png Cheshire
  • Flag of Kent.svg Kent
  • Staffordshire Flag.png Staffordshire
Ancient Kingdoms
  • File:Flag of Sussex.svg Kingdom of the South Saxons
  • Danelaw.png The Danelaw
  • Mercia.png Kingdom of Mercia
  • EastAnglia.png Kingdom of the East Angles
  • Flag of Essex.svg Kingdom of the East Saxons
  • Flag of Kent.svg Kingdom of Kent
  • Northumbria.png Kingdom of Northumbria
  • Wessex.png Kingdom of the West Saxons