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Duchy of Gotterzene
Motto: "Independence for Everyone
and Population
City of Jones
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesGerman
ReligionProtestant Christian
Governmentabsolute monarchy
• Duke
Daniel I
• Established
8 June, 2021
0.14052 km2 (0.05426 sq mi)
• Estimate
1 Residential Citizen
CurrencyAustralian Dollar (AUD)
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10)
Calling code+61 (04)
Flag of Götterzene

The Duchy of Götterzene, more commonly known as Götterzene, is a micronation based inside the Australian state of New South Wales. It is completely landlocked and has no water access apart from small unnamed creek. It was founded on the 8th of June, 2021. It has a current population of 1 due to the fact that it is so new, and has no government or written constitution, the Act of Provison acting as a base for the law until the constitution is finalised. There are four regions, the Bushland Region, the Woodlands Region, the Castor Region (named after the star, which makes up Gemini, which is the astrological sign for the time when Götterzene was founded) and the City of Jones. The national animal is the Swampy. The current Duke is Daniel 1st.

It's official website is this: http://gotterzene-official.website2.me/


The name Götterzene is a corruption of the german phrase Gottes Szene, which means God's Scene in English. This name was actually accidental, as the name was just randomly invented so it sounded like a German word, and it was later found out that it meant God's Scene.

Politics and Government

The government is currently only made up by the Duke, due to the terms of the Act of Provision. When the constitution is complete, an election will be held, with 8 future seats: Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs, Minister of the Environment and Water, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Education, Minister of Recreation and Performing Arts and the Treasurer.

Law and Order

Götterzene has no police force or gaol, if there is an incident macronational authorities are called or exclusion from the micronational will occur.

Foreign Relations

Götterzene unofficially recognises the Kingdom of Burdette and the People's Republic of Titan, as the Duke is a citizen of both.

Götterzener poultry farm (inside the city of Jones, next to the Bushlands region which can be seen to the left and behind)


Götterzene has no armed forces or other form of military.

Geography and Climate

Lesser Coat of Arms of Götterzene

Götterzene is in a temperate climate near a major river. The hottest temperature recorded was 49°C (in the 2019 heatwave) and the coldest temperature recorded was 2°C. It has one of the largest temperature range in Australia. In summer the heat is almost unbearable and the swimming pool gets a lot of use. Sometimes, it gets so hot that it is no longer safe to go outside. Götterzene's regions of the City of Jones and the Bushland are located on the top of a hill, with the highest point being at 65M and the lowest point being at 39M.

The Woodlands region is flat, due to it being on the edge of soccer fields. The highest point is at 31M and the lowest point is at 24M.

The Götterzener Garden with the Agricultural Water Supply behind it.
Götterzener Pool (Next to some gardens, in front of the bushlands region)

The Castor region is on the edge of a hill in a park, therefor is quite hilly despite it's small size. The highest point is 160M and the lowest point is 152M.


Götterzene has an agricultural-based economy with the Poultry Farm and Garden. Ducks and Chickens are both grown in the poultry farm, which produce eggs that are sold. The Government currently does not spend anything, and there are no taxes instated.


The culture is quite similar to Australian culture, with it's own elements added like extra holidays and a unique national dish.


There is a large variety of meals, with large eating influences from Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Australian cultures. There is also a large consumption of coffee within the Duchy. Due to the poultry farm, egg meals are prominent, especially meals such as pavlova and quiche


The following holidays are observed by the government as public holidays, and because of this, parliament is not held on these days:

  • New Years Day - 1st Jan
  • Foundation Day - 8th Jun
  • Duke Day - 8th October
  • Remembrance Day - 11th Nov
  • Christmas Day - 25th Dec
  • New Year's Eve - 31st Dec