Cyrianic Federal Republic

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The Cyrianic Federal Republic (or CFR) is a dissolved micronation which claimed its territories in Alaska and Antarctica. Until 2022, Cyrance had about 10 certified "citizens", while the nation itself claimed that all of the population on the planet can be its citizens without a proper certification.

Cyrianic Federal Republic
Cyriansa Federaliso Republicão
Flag of Cyrianic Federal Republic
Coat of Arms of Cyrianic Federal Republic
Coat of Arms
Official languagesCyrianese, English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Demonym(s)Cyrianic (common), Cyrians, Cyranic
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
• President
Cyrus Chan
• Vice President
Kaibo Dragonite
• Proclaimed
15th April 2022
• Estimate
Succeeded by


The national leader former president Cyrus proclaimed themselves independent on 15 April 2022, marking the first ever national day of Cyrance. On 16 April 2022, Cyrance joined the PAM (Pacific Association of Micronations), making its way to intermicronational diplomatic alliances and influences. President Cyrus being a close friend of King John I of Eintrachtia, therefore making Eintrachtia as one of the first close and the closest ally of Cyrance.

In May 2022, President Cyrus changed the name of the capital city from "Centrale" to "Rountenion", the city will be located in the renamed administrative district "Centrale, R.A." where "R.A." stands for "Rountenion Administration". Previously, the capital district and the capital city has the same name "Centrale", the rename was to remove the misconception between the capital district and the capital city. Rountenion was renamed "Centralton" on 20 June 2022.

The micronation went semi-inactive on 12 June 2022 as President Cyrus declare that he needs a break from micronationalism. On 13 June 2022, President Cyrus announces his return to micronationalism.

The Cyrenaic Federal Republic experienced a large number of ideological uprisings between June and August 2022, which then caused its dissolve on 31 August 2022 and became the Protectorate of Cyrance under Eintrachtia.


The Cyrianic Federal Republic was originally the Cyranic Federal Republic. The term "Cyrance" comes from the founding leader of Cyrance, President Cyrus, which also means "Sun" in Persian. It was originally considered to name the nation "Cyriãns" in Cyrianese, but it was changed afterwards. In 17 April 2022, the Cyrianic National Assembly along with other governmental representatives agreed to change the name of nation to "Cyrianic Federal Republic" from the original "Cyranic Federal Republic".

Government and politics

Flag of Rountenion Government
Flag of the Rountenion Government

Cyrance was a Federal Republic consisting of multiple states formed with one administrative region and intercontinental territorial claims. Its executive, the Presidency and the Cyrianic Executive Council, its legislature, the Rountenion Congress, and its Judiciary, Court of Justice were the three branches of the Rountenion Government under the separation of powers.

Current territories claimed by Cyrance and states of Cyrance
Federal States in Antarctica claimed by Cyrance illustrated with their respective names. (Background map from the AUM, with Eintrachtia included.)

Foreign relations

Micronational alliances/recognized sovereignty






Intermicronational alliances

Union of Antarctic Micronations (Co-founder)

Pacific Association of Micronations (Head Commissioner)

United Micronational Defense Organization (Member)

Concord Pact (Founding member, Head State)

Conpan Prosperity Coalition (Observer)

Flag and emblem

The flag of Cyrance was designed by President Cyrus himself, it consists of three horizontal bars of white, cyan and blue. The blue bar on the flag represents the Cyrianic waters, the cyan bar represents the Alaskan territories and the white bar represents the Antarctic territories. The previous flag design was a white and black cross on a blue flag, with an emblem at the right corner.

The old national emblem is designed by King John I of Eintrachtia. It consists of the patterns in the old Cyrianic banner, or the old design of the national flag; a lion head in the center, olive branches representing peace, and 3 stars representing separation of powers of the 3 branches of the government. It is still used as the emblem of the Rountenion Government.

The new coat of arms, or emblem, was designed by President Cyrus.

The old flag of Cyrance (Old Cyrianic banner)

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