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The Pacific Association of Micronations, or PAM, is an economic and military alliance dedicated in maintaining the peace between all micronations. It was established on 16 April, with currently 20 active members. The organization was originally intended to be a regional intergovernmental union named the Union of Eurasian Micronations (UEAM), but the union failed to expand and became inactive; the Pacific Association of Micronations was established after 3 days of inactivity of the UEAM.

Pacific Association of Micronations
Flag of Pacific Association of Micronations
Logo of Pacific Association of Micronations
Anthem: "Hymnus Pastorale"
HeadquartersPAM Discord server
TypeIntergovernmental organisation
• Secretary General
John I (deputy)
• Head Commissioner
• Supreme Justice
• Founded
16th April 2022


UEAM period

On 13 April 2022, members of the former Concord Pact, Eintrachtia and Cyrance, established the Union of Eurasian Micronations (UEAM). UEAM was dedicated only for Eurasian micronations, with its headquarters in the same server as the current PAM.

The UEAM was relatively a failure, as it failed to expand its sphere of influence to other micronations.

Establishment of PAM

On 16 April 2022, just 3 days after the establishment of UEAM, the same nations from the UEAM founded the Pacific Association of Micronations, bringing the union to a new era. On 19 April, a first non-founding member officially joined the union, Airnasialand joined on 18 April as a temporary member, with no granted full membership.

PAM changed its flag and logo on 17 April 2022, designed and created by King John I of Eintrachtia. It was made official on the same day.


The name "Pacific" always gets confused of association with the Pacific Ocean, while in reality, the term "Pacific" in the name means peace and pacifism. Showing the main goal of PAM is to bring peace to micronations.


The union is formed with 3 General Courts. Namely the Secretary General, the President Chairman and the Supreme Justice. Observers are spectators of the running of the union, they give the highest suggestions to the Courts.

Office of Security (Security Council)

The PAM Office of Security (POS) is a branch of PAM's divisions. It specializes in maintaining peace and constant safety of the member states of PAM as well as the overall safety of PAM.

Diplomacy Division

The PAM Diplomacy Division (PDD) is a division of PAM that safekeeps the relations of member states, and also expanding the alliance of PAM with other non-member micronations.


The Executive is a complex of management offices that manages the overall matter of PAM.


Membership is granted by accepted applications. Dates are recorded at UTC time.

Name Status Remarks Accession
Kingdom of Eintrachtia Active Deputy Secretary-General 16 April 2022
Airnasialand Active Security Council Member 18 April 2022
Blanuk Empire Active Security Council Member 27 April 2022
United States of the Rocky Mountains Active Security Council Member 6 May 2022
Kingdom of Narsiryn Active Security Council Member 1 May 2022
Republic of ValeVRG Active Mmeber 21 May 2022
Kingdom of Calmunia Active Member 22 April 2022
The Guinea Pig Republic Active Member 27 April 2022
Federal Republic of Forestia Active Member 27 April 2022
Qsalia Active Member 29 April 2022
United Nation of Mojistan Active Member 10 May 2022
Kingdom of Blazdonia Active Member 11 May 2022
Empire of Meritia Active Member 13 May 2022
Intercontinental Republic of the Americas Active Member 19 May 2022
Empire of Muskratia Active Member 14 June 2022
Kingdom of Tranar Active Member 30 June 2022
Republic of Thulia Active Member 23 July 2022
Federation of Ikerlàndia Active Member 30 October 2022
Unconfirmed Active Observer 20 April 2022
Republic of Todia Active Observer 10 June 2022
United Carolina Empire Inactive Left 27 April 2022 26 April 2022
Empire of Lurdentania Inactive Left 11 May 2022 29 April 2022
Republica de Boot Inactive Leave date unknown 12 May 2022
Republic of Arkazja Inactive Left 28 July 2022 25 May 2022
Cyrianic Federal Republic Inactive Dissolved 31 August 2022 16 April 2022
Pacific Island of Jonja Inactive Disbanded 16 September 2022 24 April 2022
Gunakian Empire Inactive Inactive since October 2022 23 April 2022
Conservative Creek Republic Inactive Dissolved since October 2022 15 May 2022


There are a total of 3 administrators of PAM, the Secretary General, the Head Commissioner and the Supreme Justice. Although the Secretary General is the top ranking officer at PAM, the 3 administrators has technically the same powers. A failure in performance of the job may result in a term-termination, as the member states has the right to vote for termination of a failed administrator.

Secretary General

The Secretary General is the highest-ranking officer at PAM, they are the Chief Administration Officer of PAM. Their job is to perform a role of overall administration and management of the matter of the association. Including the judicial role in General Assembly votes, the deputy President of General Assembly, overall administration in member state and military actions, etc.

Head Commissioner

The Head Commissioner of PAM is the second highest ranker official, they are responsible of overseeing the General Assembly (President of the General Assembly) and the Chief Administrator of Commission Members. They take part in roles such as representing the PAM when it comes to military or diplomatic actions, some works can be assisted by the General Secretary though.

Supreme Justice

The Supreme Justice is the Head of the Judiciary system of PAM, they are the Head Judge of the Supreme Court of PAM. They have the role of responsibility of manipulating the laws of PAM under the Assembly. The Supreme Judge has the responsibility to interpret the meaning of law and decide objectively in all cases.

Security Council and Commission Members

Security Council Members

The Security Council Members has the right to participate in the Security Council.

Commission Members

Commission Members are member states with permanent role at PAM.

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