Concord Pact

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Concord Pact
Logo of Concord Pact
Motto: Pax Et Unitas
Peace and Unity
HeadquartersConcord, Eintrachtia
Official languagesEnglish
TypePolitical, economic alliance
Member states (before November 2022)10
• Head States
Cyrance (de facto)
• Treaty of Concord signed (Cyrianic-Eintrachtian Alliance)
16th April 2022
• Concord Pact organized
19th April 2022
• Dissolve
4th November 2022

The Concord Pact, or CP, was a political, economic and military defensive alliance between 10 member states as an intermicronational coalition. It was established on 16 April 2022 originally being an alliance between Eintrachtia and the Cyrianic Federal Republic with the signing of the Treaty of Concord. The main goal of the alliance was to allow the members to form a defensive power that can protect each member state with the power of the entire coalition. As well as economic assistance and political alliance to ensure the mutual relation of the members.


The Concord Pact first took shape as the First Cyrianic-Eintrachtian Alliance, with the signing of the Concord Treaty by Eintrachtia and Cyrance, the Concord Pact was established on 16 April 2022.

On 19 April 2022, the USRM joined the Concord Pact as an observer state. They later would be pending for full membership after the reformation of treaty acts in May 2022.

Cooperation between the current 3 member states of the Concord Pact has gradually increased through time, with the USRM becoming a member, the Pact is able to form cooperative relations with other alliances such as the Titanium Pact and the AoTM. The Concord Pact is also a close ally of PAM.

On 18 May 2022, USRM officially signed the Treaty of Concord, marking the third member state to join the Concord Pact and also the first non-founding members to join.

On 4 November2022 the Concord Pact was officially dissolved after months of members inactivity.

Organizational Structure

Member States

Membership was granted though signing the Treaty of Concord or completing the application form, micronations unable to satisfy the requirements might not be granted the permission to join.

Member list of the Concord Pact before November 2022
Name Capital Remarks Date
Kingdom of Eintrachtia Concorde Head State, founding members 16 April 2022
Protectorate of Cyrance Centralton De facto Head State, founding members 16 April 2022
United States of the Rocky Mountains Clemens D.W. Signatory 19 April 2022
Blanuk - N/A 13 June 2022
Intercontinental Republic of the Americas Intercity N/A 13 June 2022
Kingdom of Tranar Stephen N/A 15 June 2022
Principality of Polarveinn Hamford Signatory 16 July 2022
Republic of Thulia El castillo del gato Signatory 23 July 2022
Empire of Östruck Henstein N/A 3 August 2022
Republic of Roscamistan Galway City (de jure)

Roscam (de facto)

Signatory 7 August 2022


By joining the Discord server, one party would become an applicant of the Concord Pact. Some would be given Non-Signatory Membership if they had any form of diplomatic relations or alliances outside with any Head States of Concord Pact, if the Treaty of Concord is not signed. Signing the Treaty of Concord will grant an applicant full membership. Applying for observership can also be done though the application form, but please note that if any wish to apply for observership, they will not be allowed to sign the Treaty of Concorde.

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