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Fürstentum Polarveinn (German)
Principado de Polarveinn (Portuguese)
Constituent principality
Principality of Polarveinn
Deus et Unitas (Latin)
Anthem: Ode to Joy

Royal Anthem: Hino da Carta
Sovereign stateEintrachtia
Treaty of Polera11 July 2022
Dissolution of CFR5 August 2022
Incorporation into Eintrachtia18 January 2023
Official languagesEnglish, German and Portuguese
Demonym(s)Polarveinner, Polarveinnian
GovernmentDevolved government within a parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
• Sovereign
John I
• Governor-General
• Prime Minister
Penguin S. Ballister
• Total
75,000 km2 (29,000 sq mi)
• Estimate

Polarveinn, officially the Principality of Polarveinn, is a devolved principality within the Kingdom of Eintrachtia located in Wilkes Land, Antarctica. Currently Polarveinn has estimated with about 10 citizens. It was created by John I and President Cyrus in 2022, and is currently headed by the Prince, a Governor-General and a Prime Minister. Its capital, which happens to also be the largest city, is Hamford.

The state was an independent protectorate between Eintrachtia and Cyrance until August 2022 when the CFR dissolved. It then became a direct protectorate of Eintrachtia, and in January 2023 the principality was fully incorporated into Eintrachtia as an autonomus constituent principality which goes by Eintrachtian laws but has its own legislature, where Eintrachtian officials are allowed to interfere in.


The name "Polarveinn" came from the word "pole" or "polar" to regard that the place is located in Antarctica, a polar region of the southern hemisphere.

"Hamford" was named by John I and it meant the region in which Polarveinn is located is a coastal region. The words "ham" and "ford' both means something flat or shallow, a common geographic feature of a coastal region. Despite the region where Hamford is located in isn't significantly flat and gentle, neither is the region completely coastal, the name was still adopted.


Polarveinn was established on the 11th July 2022. Founded by King John I of Eintrachtia and former. Presiddent Cyrus of the CFR, under a constitutional elective diarchy system. The first Prime Minister of Polarveinn, Penguin S. Ballister, was nominated to the place the same day. Polarveinn formalized diplomatic relations with both founding nations and other micronations as well.


On the 11th July 2022, the same day the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the coronation of King John I of Eintrachtia, John I came together with former President Cyrus of Cyrance in an online meeting to discuss the matter of establishing an collaborative state. It was finally concluded with the name "Polarveinn" as the official name and "Hamford" as the name of the capital city. Initially John I suggested that Hamford should be the name of the nation while Polarveinn would be the capital city, but this idea wasn't accepted.

Post-CFR dissolve

After the Cyrianic Federal Republic dissolved on 5 August 2022, a legislation was passed during a joint session between the Eintrachtian Parliament and the Polarveinnian Parliament. The legislation allowed Polarveinn to become a protectorate of Eintrachtia while it also allowed the inheritation of the postion of the President of Cyrance to the Prime Minister of Cyrance and Co-Prince of Polarveinn. The protectorate was under unstable and near inactive status.


Polarveinn was incorporated into Eintrachtia on 18 January 2023, after discussion in the Princely Cabinet, Cyrus resigned and continuously act as the head of the Cyrianic Government-in-exile aiming to restore the Cyrianic Republican regime. The first spouse of the monarch of Eintrachtia is the ceremonial Prince of Polarveinn, the Governor-General serve as the monarch's representative in the region while the Prime Minister is the head of government.

Government and politics

Polarveinn is a constitutional monarchy with one acting Prince, a Governor-General and a prime minister. The princely government adopts the separation of powers into three branches of government, namely the Executive Council, the Parliament, and the Court of Appeal. The government of Polarveinn is semi-autonomus that responds to the government of Eintrachtia.

Political parties
Party Party name Ideology Position Status
DPP Democratic Party of Polarveinn Conservatism Centre-right Active
NLP National Liberal Party Conservatism Centre-right Active
PUW Polarveinn Union of Workers Socialism Left wing Active


The Parliament of Polarveinn is the legislative body of the Government of Polarveinn. Currently the DPP occupies 60% of the parliament seats, the rest are allocated between the NLP and PUW with 20% and 20% respectively.


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