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The Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia (also known as C.R. Eintrachtia), commonly referred to as Eintrachtia (C.R.E. or CRE), is a micronation with territorial claims in Portugal, Australia, United Kingdom and Antarctica. Until 2022, Eintrachtia had about 25 "citizens". Eintrachtia is a self-claimed sovereign state without being recognized by any recognized national government nor the UN, making it a micronation.

Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia
Verfassungsrepublik Eintrachtia
Flag of the CRE (official).png
Coat of Arms of the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Deus Benedicat Patriae

Glory to our Fatherland

Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven
Map of recognized Antarctic micronations by Eintrachtia
Largest cityLochshire
Official languagesEnglish and German
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
John I
Penguin Ballister
• Declared (Penguins Republic)
30th May 2017
• Total
650,000 km2 (250,000 sq mi)
• Estimate


The name "Eintrachtia" comes from the original word "Eintracht" which means "Concord" or "Unity" in German. The original name "Eintracia" has cut the "ht" for better pronunciation, it changed back to Eintrachtia in 2022 during the Constitutional Republic Reformation to remind people the native language of which is German, as stated in the official website of Eintrachtia.

Even though Eintrachtia has always been called a "republic", throughout its history, Eintrachtia has mostly been a Constitutional Monarchist state. "Republic" is mainly because of the adoption of the "separation of powers" system in the government, making the nation more like a federal republic with a de facto monarch.


The Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia was originally named the Penguins Republic, founded in 2017. It was established for entertainment purposes. The micronation was then renamed the Republic of Eintracia for a short period in 2020, before it was then renamed to what it is known today the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia (2022). The nation was under a imperialist system between 2020 and 2021, during the constitutional monarchist rule in the former Republic of Eintracia. Eintrachtia is also one of the founding members of the Pacific Association of Micronations (PAM).

Penguins Republic and Eintracia (2017- May 2021)

Penguins Republic was a confederal republic consisting of the Wilkes State (situated in the Wilkes Land) and a piece of land in the Antarctic Peninsula. The Penguins Republic had King John I as a de facto leader, but no official Prime Minister or Chancellor of state was elected until the establishment of Eintrachtia, so the King held the work of the Chancellor, making the King also the Chancellor of state.

In 2020, King John changed the name of the state to "Eintracia" from the German word "Eintracht" meaning unity and concord. Eintracia begin to expand its overseas territories to Portugal and the United Kingdom in July 2020, making those territories as "colonies". On 30th May 2021, the Government of Eintracia decided to move the location of the capital, Concord, from the original location in Wilkes Land to the small territory in Setubal, Portugal. On the same day, the Constitution was officially passed after 4 years of the establishment of the micronation, forming the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia.

April Boom period

April Boom, Easter Boom or simply the Boom refers to the high activeness of Eintrachtia during April 2022, Eintrachtia had extremely few interactions with other micronations before the Boom. But since the start of April in 2022, Eintrachtia made various contacts with other micronations, most notable of which are Cyrance and the USRM, both currently being close allies of Eintrachtia.

Cyranic-Eintrachtian alliance

In April 2022, representatives from Eintrachtia held a summit with President Cyrus of Cyrance through an online meeting; both nations signed the Concord Pact, saying the mutual relations between Eintrachtia and Cyrance is unbreakable, and that both nations share similar democratic values and further alliance will lead to future prosperity of both, enhancing the economic and other potentials of both nations, making Eintrachtia the first ally of Cyrance.

Geography and climate

Eintrachtia is a micronation with claimed territories in Australia, United Kingdom and Antarctica. It largest claim of land is in Antarctica, with an area of about 650,000 km² (250,000 sq mi). The capital city Concord is currently situated in Setubal, Portugal. The overall climate of Eintrachtia varies across different territories around the globe. Climate in Concord is warm in summer, and cool in winter.

Government and politics

Eintrachtia is a constitutional monarchist state with executive, legislative and judicial powers separated into forming the constitutional government. The Constitution of Eintrachtia is the national constitution. The central government is separated into three branches:

  • Executive: The Chancellor of the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia is responsible for enforcing laws, and can appoint the members of the Constitutional Executive Council, and is the President of Cabinet.
  • Legislature: The Parliament is the legislature of Eintrachtia. Which is the branch basically responsible of making and passing laws.
  • Judiciary: The judiciary of Eintrachtia is the Royal Court of Appeal, which is responsible for interpreting laws passed by the legislature. Judges are appointed by His Majesty the King annually.
Political parties
Party Party name Status
CPE Conservative Party of Eintrachtia Active
DPE Democratic Party of Eintrachtia Active
CTP Constitution Party of Eintrachtia Active
FPE Federal Party of Eintrachtia Active
NPE National Party of Eintrachtia Active
LPE Labour Party of Eintrachtia Active
PPE People's Party of Eintrachtia Active
Distribution of seats in term 2022

Parliament structure

The Parliament of the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia is the supreme legislative body of the Government of Eintrachtia and its overseas territorial claimed states. It holds the highest supreme representation of the legislation of Eintrachtia. There are currently a total of 20 seats in the Parliament, most of which is the Conservative Party and the Democratic Party, holding 60% of the total seats. Elections are held annually in January in all of Eintrachtia. The Parliament speaker, is the representative officer and the chairman of the Parliament. The current Parliament speaker is Penguin Y. Ballister.

Laws passed

This list holds the most recent laws and acts passed by the Parliament.

Recent laws/acts passed
Law Detail Date passed Status
The Coalition Acts #3
  • Market coalition and enhanced free marketing.
  • Allowed unauthorized NFT publishing and crypto currency investments to increase economic values of Eintrachtia and enhancing the GDP.
12th April 2022 Active
Creator rights (B-1)
  • Screenshotting NFTs is banned in order to protect creator's rights and values of such crypto goods and arts. Even though screenshotting does not apply to 'stealing' an artwork, it still applies to copyright terms of Eintrachtia.
3rd April 2022 Active
Constitution remarks
  • Legally authorized rewrite of the Constitution of Eintrachtia to fix potential typos, grammatical mistaken sentences and more.
14th March 2022 N/A

Economics and Currency


the economy of Eintrachtia is a free-market economy. The main income of Eintrachtia's economy is from NFT investments, alongside with various others such as YouTube, etc. The GDP of Eintrachtia increased by 17.9% last year, relatively high due to its small population.


The main currency of Eintrachtia is Eintrachtian Pounds, while other official currencies such as US Dollars, British Pounds, Australian Dollars accepted. Even thought Eintrachtia is not a EU recognized sovereign state nor recognized by any macronation, Euro is accepted as well as it is mentioned in the Constitution of Eintrachtia that it is legal tender currency of a large entity. Currencies that are not legal tender anymore such as German Marks are also accepted in Eintrachtia.

Diplomatic Alliances

Micronational Alliances

Formal micronational alliances
Name Date Members Type
Concord Pact 16th April 2022 The Concord Pact Logo.png Members of the CP Diplomatic, economic and military defense alliance
Titanium Pact 17th May 2022 Titanium Pact Logo.jpg Members of the TP Diplomatic, political, economic and military defense alliance
Cyrianic-Eintrachtian Alliance 16th April 2022 Flag of the CRE (official).png Eintrachtia

CFR flag.png Cyrance

Diplomatic, cultural, economic and military defense alliance
Eintrachtian-Mountaineer Alliance 20th April 2022 Flag of the CRE (official).png Eintrachtia

USRM Flag.png USRM

Diplomatic and economic alliance
CRE-CCR Alliance 26th April 2022 Flag of the CRE (official).png Eintrachtia


Diplomatic and economic alliance
Eintrachtian-Moorsaan Alliance 28th April 2022 Flag of the CRE (official).png Eintrachtia

Moorsem.png Moorsem

Diplomatic and economic alliance

Intermicronational Organisations

Intermicronational organisations of Eintrachtia
Organisation Joined date Status
Flag of the Pacific Association of Micronations.png The Pacific Association of Micronations (PAM) Founded 16th April 2022 Secretary General, founder
The Micro United Nations (MUN) Joined 25th April 2022 Security Council Member
OEM LOGO.svg Organization of European Micronations (OEM) Joined 15th May 2022 Pending membership confirmation
Flag of the Alliance of the Micronations.svg The Alliance of the Micronations (AOTM) Joined 25th April 2022 Security Council Member
United Intermicronational Defense Organization (UMDO) Joined 30th April 2022 Full member
CPC Flag.png The Conpan Prosperity Coalition (CPC) Joined 19th April 2022 Observer

Territories and counties


Flag of the Eintrachtian Antarctic Territories

Eintrachtia has distant territories all over the globe in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia and Antarctica, with the largest of which in Antarctica spanning over 650,000 km² (250,000 sq mi). Territories are divided into administrative counties.


The counties of Eintrachtia are administrative and political demarcation of regions within the territories of Eintrachtia. There are a total of 6 counties in Eintrachtia, 2 of which are under direct administration of the capital.

Counties of Eintrachtia
County Flag Capital Location Remarks
Capital Administrative Region Flag of the Capital Administrative Region.png Concord Flag of Portugal.png Portugal Capital administration
Lochshire Flag of Lochshire.png Lochshire Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg United Kingdom Capital administration
Cateringston Flag of Cateringston.png Cateringston Flag of Australia (pantone).svg Australia
South Wilkes Flag of South Wilkes.png Wilkes City Flag of Antarctica (The Flag of True South).png Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Gentoo Flag of Gentoo.png Ballistelliburgh Flag of Antarctica (The Flag of True South).png Wilkes Land and Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Costenia Flag of Costenia.png Kings Flag of Antarctica (The Flag of True South).png Wilkes Land, Antarctica

Flag and Coat of Arms

An Eintrachtiaball

The flag of Eintrachtia was designed in October 2020 and was officially adopted in 9th December 2021, it features a red, white and blue Nordic styled cross (i.e. a horizontal cross extending to the edges with the crossbar closer to the hoist than the fly.) The color sequence is blue, thin strip of white, thin strip of red, thin strip of white, blue. The flag of Eintrachtia is also featured in the shield in the Coat of Arms, the arms also features a king penguin, the national animal and bird of Eintrachtia, a heraldic lion and an eagle standing on top of the arms. At the bottom is a ribbon featuring "Deus Benedicat Patriae", the motto of Eintrachtia, which means "God bless our country" in Latin.

Historical Flags

Historical Coat of Arms

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