Kingdom of Eintrachtia

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Kingdom of Eintrachtia
企鵝王國 (Chinese)
Reino da Eintrachtia (Portuguese)
"Deus benedicat Patriae" (Latin)
"God bless our Country"
Other mottos:
Anthem: Ode to Joy

Royal Anthem: Hino da Carta
Grand Seal
  Realm and protectorates
Largest cityLochshire
Official languagesChinese[a], English and Portuguese
Recognized languagesEintrachtian
Roman Catholic (official)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Penguin Ballister
House of Councillors
• Penguinsian nationality
21 September 2013
• Penguins State proclaimed
30 May 2017
• Concorde Reform
March 2021
• Current constitution
30 May 2021
• Total
725,000 km2 (280,000 sq mi)
• 2024 estimate
HDI 0.948
very high
CurrencyEintrachtian pounds (Є) (ENP)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

Eintrachtia, formally the Kingdom of Eintrachtia (Chinese: 企鵝王國, Portuguese: Reino da Eintrachtia), is a micronation[1] in Antarctica, Australia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Eintrachtia is a self-claimed sovereign state without being recognized by any recognized sovereign government nor by the United Nations, making it a micronation. At about 725,000 square kilometers (about 280,000 square miles), it is among one of the largest micronations by territory[2]. The Eintrachtian territory consists of grass plains, several structures including farms and rivers, and also covers parts of certain cities. The capital city is Concorde and its largest city is Lochshire. The country is divided into 4 counties and 2 municipalities. Chinese, English and Portuguese are the official languages along with Eintrachtian as a semi-official language due to it being a minority constructed language.

Eintrachtia traces its origins to a stuffed penguin purchased in Kenting, Taiwan by the royal family on a trip to the region in 2013. The penguin was purchased on 20 September that year and was named Ballball the subsequent morning. The name Penguin Ballister was then given to the penguin in later years. The name of the penguin was the origin of the House of Ballister, the ruling royal house of Eintrachtia.

The imperialist governing system of the Empire of Eintracia was reconstructed during the Concorde Reform of 2021. Before that, Eintracia, also known as the State of the Penguins before 2020, held claims of control over territories, protectorates and colonies in Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Although most were decolonised or had the claims withdrawn, some continues to be Eintrachtian territories today.

Modern day Eintrachtia is a combination of territories in the former colonies of European colonial powers such as Britain and Portugal. In 1788 with the first British fleet arrived in Australia, later gaining independence forming the Commonwealth of Australia. In 2020 the Empire of Eintracia would establish the colony of Cateringston in Melbourne and later become an official territory of Eintrachtia in 2021. Concorde, the current capital of Eintrachtia, comprises of several structures in what is known as the municipality of Setubal in Portugal. The city was known as Cetobriga in the Lusitanian provice in the ancient Roman Empire. Lochshire is a territory in Wales, modern Lochshire has several structures and a river. "Loch" is commonly referred to as lakes in Scottish, "Lochshire" generally means a place near a water body that is shallow.

Eintrachtia hosts the Eintrachtian Realm and is a member of the Alliance of the Micronations and was the one of the founding members of the Union of Antarctic Micronations, the Pacific Association of Micronations, and the Concord Pact.


The name "Eintrachtia" comes from the original word "eintracht" which means "concord" or "unity" in German[3]. Even though Eintrachtia has sometimes been called simply a "state" or a "crowned republic", throughout its history, Eintrachtia has been a monarchy.

Penguinsian State

Upon the foundation of the Penguisian State in 2017, with one of its claims laid in a small territory within Hong Kong, the recognised Chinese name for the state had been “企鵝國”, which literally translates to “penguin state”. However, no official Chinese name had been approved by the state as the language was not among its official nor recognised languages, which was English, German and Portuguese respectively. On 9 June 2024, a decision to make the Chinese language an official language was ruled all in favour by the House of Councillors, and effectively officialised the use of the Chinese name even though it does not fully represent the name “Eintrachtia”.

"Crowned republics"

The State of the Penguins was sometimes referred to simply as the "Penguins Republic" and could mislead people to think that the state was a republic while in reality it was a monarchy. During the trasitional period between 2021 and 2022, the official name of Eintrachtia was called the "Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia", which indicates that at the time there were no official constitutional documents, and the king held absolute power for a brief period as nominal "chancellor".


On 20 September 2013, the first stuffed penguin to join the royal family of Eintrachtia was purchased by the father of John C.K.L. in Kenting, Taiwan. In the morning of 21 September, the next day, the penguin was named Ballball, the name is believed to have been came up by the mother of John. This contributed to the start of the Penguinsian nationality. The penguin is later given the name Penguin Ball Ballister, indicating that it is to become a member of the ceremonial royal house. The first chancellor of Eintrachtia, Penguin Ballister II, is the younger brother of Ballister. On 30 May 2017, the Peguinsian State was proclaimed by John as the first head of state.

Concorde, the capital city of Eintrachtia, is located in the municipality of Setubal in Portugal. In antiquity the city was known as Cetobriga, a Turdetani settlement that came under Roman control in the province of Lusitania.[4] A part of the ancient wall of the city can still be found today in Concord and is proclaimed a level 1 historical monument in 2022 and a common property of the Eintrachtian and Portuguese Government, being a site of the National Museum of History of Concord, a governmental owned organization.

Aerial view of the city of Setubal, where Concorde, the capital city of Eintrachtia is located in.

In 1788, the first fleet of British ships arrived in the Botany Bay in modern Sydney. After the establishment of the colony of Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, the Empire of Eintracia proclaimed the establishment of the colony of Cateringston in Melbourne in 2020.

In 1842, the Treaty of Nanking came into effective and the Qing Empire ceded the island of Hong Kong to the British Empire. In 1860, the Convention of Peking was signed and the Qing further ceded the Kowloon Peninsula to the British. In 30 May 2017, the Penguins Republic was established and it claimed land in Setubal, Portugal, Cardiff, Wales, a part in the Antarctic Peninsula and a land in Kowloon, Hong Kong. A property which later was withdrawn by the Eintrachtian Government and was later made the consulate of Eintrachtia to Hong Kong (and Macau).

Lochshire was a part of Wales, before gaining temporary independence as a Penguinsian Commonwealth state and then became a full part of Eintracia after the establishment of the Republic of Eintracia. It became an official municipality according to the Constitution of Eintrachtia in 2021.

Ballistelliburg was the first claims laid by John on the continent of Antarctica, and was the first claims ever created to later form the Penguins State. The region was first named on a pinpoint made by John on Google Earth, claiming it would become the capital of the Penguins State. Ballistelliburg was named after Penguin B. Ballister I, also nicknamed Ballball, the first penguin to join the royal family that subsequently led to the foundation of modern Eintrachtian nationality. Due to its significance in Eintrachtian history, Ballistelliburg is also known as the foundation stone of Eintrachtia.

The Wilkes Territory, made up with 3 separate counties, South Wilkes, a part of Gentoo and Costenia was established by the Eintracian Imperial Government in 2020. South Wilkes, originally Wilkes, given up half of its land to Gentoo, making Gentoo has a piece of land in both the Antarctic Peninsula and the Australian claimed Wilkes Land, and renaming Wilkes to South Wilkes.

Eintrachtia was originally the Penguins Republic, founded in 2017. It was established for entertainment purposes. The micronation was then renamed the Empire of Eintracia for a short period in 2020, before it was then renamed to what it is known today the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia (2022). The nation was under a imperialist system between 2020 and 2021, during the constitutional monarchist rule in the former Republic of Eintracia. Eintrachtia is also one of the founding members of the Pacific Association of Micronations (PAM).


The State of the Penguins was a confederal de jure monarchy consisting of the Wilkes State (situated in the Wilkes Land) and a piece of land in the Antarctic Peninsula. The Penguins Republic had King John I as a de facto leader, but no official Prime Minister or Chancellor of state was elected until the establishment of Eintrachtia, the King held the work of the Chancellor, making the King also the executive of state.

In 2020, King John changed the name of the state to "Eintracia" from the German word "Eintracht" meaning unity and concord. Eintracia begin to expand its overseas territories to Portugal and the United Kingdom in July 2020, establishing those territories as "colonies". On 30th May 2021, the Government of Eintracia decided to move the location of the capital, Concorde, from the original location in the Antarctic Peninsula to a small territory in Setubal, Portugal. On the same day, the Constitution was officially passed after 4 years of the establishment of the micronation, forming the provisional Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia. The Empire of Eintracia, also known as the Republic of Eintracia, despite being short lived, has contributed to many of the land claims of modern day Eintrachtia. The rule of the imperial dynasty had made Eintrachtia temporarily a colonial power, before being overthrown by a coup d'état in 2021, commonly referred to as the Concorde Revolution, and the establishment of the revolutionary State of Eintrachtia and a new constitutional crowned republic. The establishment of the temporary National Council and the return of the throne after the publishment of the Eintrachtian Constitution.

The Constitution of Eintrachtia was drafted since early 2021, and was based on the Constitution of the United States presented in 1787 and the French Constitution adopted in 1958. It was completed before the proclamation of the new constitutional crowned republic in May 2021 and was officially presented on the day of the establishment. The Constitution safeguards the freedom of the Eintrachtian people under a constitutional monarchy.

April Boom

Logo of the Pacific Association of Micronations.

April Boom, Easter Boom or simply the Boom refers to the rise in intermicronational communications of Eintrachtia starting in April 2022, Eintrachtia had extremely few interactions with other micronations before the Boom. But since the start of April in 2022, Eintrachtia made various contacts with other micronations, most notable of which are Cyrance and the USRM, both currently being close allies of Eintrachtia. The Concord Pact was originally an alliance between Eintrachtia and Cyrance, after the suggestion of making it an intermicronational organization in an online conference between the two national leaders, the Concord Pact was formed and to further protect the peace between its member states. On 16 April 2022, Eintrachtia, together with Cyrance established the Union of Eurasian Micronations, which later became the Pacific Association of Micronations. Both organizations now holds more than 30 member states and is safeguarding the peace and influence of Eintrachtia and its allies in the micronational community.

Eintrachtia also signed various treaties of mutual recognition and relations. The Treaty of Impermia safeguarded the mutual diplomatic relations between the Principality of Moorsem and Eintrachtia. The Treaty of alliance between the USRM and Eintrachtia and the contract of alliance of the Titanium Pact were also established as a convention to the mutual recognition and alliance between the USRM and Eintrachtia.

In April 2022, representatives from Eintrachtia held a summit with President Cyrus of Cyrance through an online meeting; both nations signed the Treaty of Concord, saying the mutual relations between Eintrachtia and Cyrance is unbreakable, and that both nations share similar democratic values and further alliance will lead to future prosperity of both, enhancing the economic and other potentials of both nations, making Eintrachtia the first ally of Cyrance. The Concord Pact and the PAM are examples of the alliance between the CFR and the CRE. In 11th July 2022, Polarveinn was established as a protectorate of both Eintrachtia and Cyrance. Polarveinn joined the Concord Pact and became a permanent observer state of the Eintrachtian Commonwealth and prosperity sphere. The Principality was incorporated into Eintrachtia on 18 January 2023, 5 months after the CFR dissolved.

Poster regarding the establishment of the UAM, it features the lesser arms of the founding nations of the union.

On 1 August 2022, Eintrachtia and Cyrance signed the Treaty of Centralton, came into the establishment of the Union of Antarctic Micronations. Polarveinn is added later in the Treaty of Setubal, which strengthened the organization's vision and aims. The border controls between Eintrachtia, Cyrance and Polarveinn were reduced and has joined together unified in hopes of the further development of freedom and economy in all parties.

Post-April Boom

On 8 June 2023, a corporatist government was installed for a short period of approximately one day by politician Locarno L., after being nominated temporarily as chancellor, and abusing powers into making himself a dictator within the government. The regime was abolished by royal forces soon after expelling the politician out of office.

The precise date of the purchase of Ballball, the first stuffed penguin of Eintrachtia, also known as Penguin B. Ballister I, was unknown for a long period until the eve of the seventh Eintrachtia day, on 29 May 2024, the Eintrachtian national archives team discovered strong photographic evidence supporting that the first stuffed penguin was indeed purchased on 20 September 2013. The discovery was made public on the following day, 30 May, announced by King John on the occasion of national day. It was then decided that Eintrachtia Day will be celebrated on 21 September, replacing the original date, 30 May.

Geography and climate

An aerial image of Wilkes Land, Antarctica, where most of the Eintrachtian Antarctic Territories are located in.

Eintrachtia is a micronation with claimed territories in Australia, United Kingdom and Antarctica. It largest claim of land is in Antarctica, with an area of about 725,000 km² (about 280,000 sq mi). The capital city Concorde is currently situated in Setubal, Portugal. The overall climate of Eintrachtia varies across different territories around the globe. Climate in Concorde is warm in summer, and cool in winter.

With territorial claims of over 725,000 km² (about 280,000 sq mi), Eintrachtia spans a total of 6 time zones around the world, with the Antarctic territories already spanning over 5 time zones. The other being UTC time in Concorde and Lochshire, respectively located in Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The Antarctic Territories are the coldest regions in Eintrachtia, the temperature ranges from about −10 °C on the coast to −60 °C at the highest parts of the interior. Near the coast, such as parts in South Wilkes and Costenia, the temperature can exceed 10 °C in summer and fall to below −40 °C in winter.[5]

Government and politics

Eintrachtia is a constitutional monarchy with executive, legislative and judicial powers separated into forming the constitutional government[6]. The Constitution of Eintrachtia is the national constitution. The central government is separated into three branches:

Logo of the Eintrachtian Government.
  • Executive: The chancellor of the Kingdom of Eintrachtia is responsible for enforcing laws, and can appoint the members of the Royal Executive Council and also serves as the President of the Cabinet.
  • Legislature: The Parliament is the legislature of Eintrachtia. Which is the branch basically responsible of making and passing laws.
  • Judiciary: The judiciary of Eintrachtia is the Royal Court of Appeal, which is responsible for interpreting laws passed by the legislature. Judges are appointed by the monarch annually.
Party Founded Seats Main ideology Position Status
CPE Conservatives 2017 6 Conservatism Centre-right Active
SCU Social Union 2021 5 Social democracy Centre-left Active
DPE Democrats 2017 4 Conservatism Centre-right Active
FPE The Federation 2021 3 Libertarianism Centre Active
NPP National People's Party 2020 1 Eintrachtian nationalism Centre-right Active
CTP Protectors of the Constitution 2021 1 Conservatism Centre-right Active
HMO Opposition (His Majesty's Opposition) 2021 N/A N/A No alignment N/A
Distribution of seats in the House of Councillors in term 2024.

Parliament structure

The parliament of the Kingdom of Eintrachtia is the legislative body of the Eintrachtian Government and its overseas territorial claimed states. It is separated between the House of Lords and the House of Councillors. It holds the highest supreme representation of the legislation of Eintrachtia. There are currently a total of 20 seats in the Parliament, most of which is the Conservative Party and the Democratic Party, holding 60% of the total seats. Elections are held annually in January in all of Eintrachtia. The Parliament speaker, is the representative officer and the chairman of the Parliament. The current Parliament speaker is Penguin Y. Ballister.

Foreign relations

The foreign relations of Eintrachtia is implemented by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Government.

Micronational relations

Formal micronational alliances
Members Date Type
2 September 2022 Diplomatic and political alliance
5 September 2022 Diplomatic communications
Myeonghan Realm
16 March 2024 Diplomatic and political alliance


1 December 2022 Diplomatic and political alliance

Intermicronational organisations

Intermicronational organisations of Eintrachtia
Organisation Accession Status
Pacific Association of Micronations (PAM) 16 April 2022 Founder
Alliance of the Micronations (AotM) 25 April 2022 Member


Eintrachtia has distant territories all over the globe in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia and Antarctica, with the largest of which in Antarctica spanning over 650,000 km² (250,000 sq mi), also called continental Eintrachtia. Territories are divided into administrative counties. The first claims laid by Eintrachtia is located in the Antarctic Peninsula, when Ballistelliburg was claimed by Penguinsia. The term "continental Eintrachtia" is commonly used to denote Eintrachtian territories in Antarctica due to the large amount of area the claims cover.

Administrative divisions

There are two autonomus states within Eintrachtia, one principality and one ceremonial grand duchy on top of being a province. The provinces of Eintrachtia are administrative and political demarcation of regions within the territories of Eintrachtia. There are a total of six provinces in Eintrachtia, two of which are under direct administration of the capital as municipalities.

Administrative divisions of Eintrachtia
Division Flag Coat of arms Capital Location
Capital Administrative Region Concorde Portugal
Free State of


Lochshire United Kingdom
Principality of


Hamford Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Grand Duchy of


Ballistelliburg Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Province of


N/A Cateringston Australia
Province of

South Wilkes

N/A Wilkes City Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Province of


N/A Beaufort Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Province of


N/A Kings Wilkes Land, Antarctica



Obverse of the 1 Eintrachtian pound note. (old version)

The official currency of Eintrachtia is the Eintrachtian pound (ENP), while other currencies such as US dollars, British pounds, Euros, and Australian dollars are also accepted.

Eintrachtia has a history of developing currencies throughout its history. Penguinsian currency traces back to 2018, when the state attempted to create a currency for the continent of Antarctica. Various designs were made between 2018 and 2019, in August 2019, the first paper note featuring a plastic transparent window was published, made from plastic tapes. These notes usually featured penguins, commonly found in the Southern Hemisphere around Antarctica and the national animal of Eintrachtia. The notes were also typically hand drawn, mostly by King John and his father in their leisure time, as they share a hobby in numismatics.

The first two sets of notes were printed by the Bank of Eintrachtia between 16 and 17 March 2022, both sets of 100 pound notes were printed on A3 paper and were never cut and distributed, they remain in the collection of the royal family.

National symbols

Flag and coats of arms

An Eintrachtiaball, depicting the flag of Eintrachtia.

The flag of Eintrachtia was designed in October 2020 and was officially adopted in 9th December 2021, it features a red, white and blue Nordic cross[7] (i.e. a horizontal cross extending to the edges with the crossbar closer to the hoist than the fly.[8]) The color sequence is blue, thin strip of white, thin strip of red, thin strip of white, blue. The flag of Eintrachtia is also featured in the shield in the coat of arms, the arms also features a king penguin, the national animal and bird of Eintrachtia, with two heraldic lions guardants. A variant of the arms has at the bottom a ribbon reading "DEVS BENEDICAT PATRIAE", the motto of Eintrachtia, which translates to "God bless our Country" in Latin.

Historical Flags

Historical coats of arms

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