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Republic of Aksana
Respubliko de Aksana (Esperanto)
República de Aksana (Spanish)
República d'Aksana (Catalan)
Respublik da Aksana (Eintrachtian)
Motto: "Peace and Prosperity for Antarctica and Aksana!"
Grand coat of arms
Aksanin claims in red
Aksanin claims in red
Red is Aksanin claims including territories.
Red is Aksanin claims including territories.
De jure capitalRenaud
De facto capitalSaki City
Largest cityNorthern Adelaide
Official languagesAmerican English
Recognized languages
Recognized regional languagesEintrachtian
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential republic under a semi-dictatorship
• President
Grant Taylor
LegislatureAksanin Senate
• Independence declared (Penguins Republic)
30 May 2017
• Formation of the Imperial Commonwealth
21 September 2019
• Concorde Revolution
March 2021
• Treaty of Lochshire
20 April 2021
• First Republic Established
25 August 2022
• Second Republic Established
27 November 2022
• Total
112,819 sq mi (292,200 km2)
• Estimate
• Citizenship
CurrencyArgentine peso (ARS)
Euro (EUR)
U.S. dollar (USD)
Time zoneUTC-04:30 (Aksanin Standard Time)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sidemiddle[b]
Preceded by
First Republic of Aksana
  1. The Republic of Aksana is a nation not recognized by any United Nations member states or observer States, and Aksana is claimed by Argentina and Chile but because of the Antarctic Treaty System their claims over Aksana are not internationally recognized.

65°45′55″S 62°41′18″W / 65.76532°S 62.6882°W / -65.76532; -62.6882

Aksana, officially the Republic of Aksana (Spanish: República de Aksana, Esperanto: Respubliko de Aksana, Catalan: República d'Aksana, Eintrachtian: Respublik da Aksana) is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, commonly viewed as a micronation[2] by external viewers located in Western Antarctica. The Republic of Aksana was founded by the United New England Micronations First Secretary-General on 25 August 2022 as a unitary semi-presidential republic north of Kingdom of Eintrachtia. Known for its icy land and icebergs and snow, spending half the year in summer in day and half the year in winter at night. Aksana claims a area of 51,798.000 sq mi[3][c] of argentine claims and chilean claims of antarctica where the Spanish language comes from in Aksana, on the tip of the Antarctic continent. Aksana is notable for having a very different worldview than most sovereign states, most noticeable with europe, the People's Republic of China, and the Korea because of different reasons such as the aksanin anti-communist act, and more reasons. Despite being a republic, Aksana still shows its respects for Monarch John I of Eintrachtia as Aksana used to be part of the Empire of Eintracia like the Kingdom of Eintrachtia was.

Aksana was originally only meant to be a simulationist micronation during its proposal founding, and never meant to become a actual entity until 25 August 2022 when the first Republic of Aksana was founded as a Micronation and remained with that title before becoming inactive in 18 September 2022. On 27 November 2022 Aksana's inactivity ended and Aksana started to claim itself as a sovereign state.

Aksana used to be part of a constitutional monarchy which had a area of 1,150,000 km2 (440,000 sq mi) called the Penguins Republic, later became the monarchy called The Empire of Eintracia, now modern day Kingdom of Eintrachtia. The Empire of Eintracia came to an end when the Concorde Revolution broke out in 2021 due to the increased focus on politics and foreign affairs by the state causing a decline in economic stability, but after the state broke Aksana didn't found until 2022. The state had later joined after its founding the Union of Antarctic Micronations before the disbanding of the first republic, which later the UAM had been disbanded officially ending Aksana's alliances with Eintracia.

Aksana is divided into four regions called the State of Northern Adelaide, State of Akserra, and State of Einksana, and the Federal District of Renaud. Aksana does not have any colonies or territories within foreign nations because it does not wish to enter a border dispute with other nations. Aksana is claimed by The Confederation of the Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia administrative division called the Antarctic Peninsula which because of this states giant claims of 4.409.400 km2 within the Antarctica continent.

Although Aksana is part of a very remote part of the world that has never been inhabited and is protected by the Antarctic Treaty System, which bans industrial development, waste disposal and nuclear testing, there is still a threat to these fragile ecosystems from increasing tourism, primarily on cruises across the Southern Ocean from the port of Ushuaia, Argentina.


Historical affiliations


Discovery and naming of Antarctic Peninsula (1820 - 2018)

The most likely first sighting of the Antarctic Peninsula, and therefore also of the whole Antarctic mainland, was on 27 January 1820 by an expedition of the Imperial Russian Navy led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen. But the party did not recognize as the mainland what they thought was an icefield covered by small hillocks.

Three days later, on 30 January 1820, Edward Bransfield and William Smith, with a British expedition, were the first to chart part of the Antarctic Peninsula. This area was later to be called Trinity Peninsula and is the extreme northeast portion of the peninsula. The next confirmed sighting was in 1832 by John Biscoe, a British explorer, who named the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula as Graham Land.

The first European to land on the continent is also disputed. A 19th-century seal hunter, John Davis, was almost certainly the first. But, sealers were secretive about their movements and their logbooks were deliberately unreliable, to protect any new sealing grounds from competition.

Between 1901 and 1904, Otto Nordenskjöld led the Swedish Antarctic Expedition, one of the first expeditions to explore parts of Antarctica. They landed on the Antarctic Peninsula in February 1902, aboard the ship Antarctic, which later sank not far from the peninsula. All crew were saved. They were later rescued by an Argentine ship. The British Graham Land expedition between 1934 and 1937 carried out aerial surveys using a de Havilland Fox Moth aircraft, and concluded that Graham Land was not an archipelago but a peninsula.

Agreement on the name "Antarctic Peninsula" by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names and UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1964 resolved a long-standing difference over the use of the United States' name "Palmer Peninsula" or the British name "Graham Land" for this geographic feature. This dispute was resolved by making Graham Land the part of the Antarctic Peninsula northward of a line between Cape Jeremy and Cape Agassiz; and Palmer Land the part southward of that line, which is roughly 69° S. Palmer Land is named for the United States seal hunter Nathaniel Palmer. The Chilean name for the feature, O'Higgins Land, is in honor of Bernardo O'Higgins, the Chilean patriot and Antarctic visionary. Most other Spanish-speaking countries call it la Península Antártica, though Argentina also officially refers to this as Tierra de San Martín; as of 2018 Argentina has more bases and personnel in the peninsula than any other nation.

Other portions of the peninsula are named by and after the various expeditions that discovered them, including the Bowman, Black, Danco, Davis, English, Fallières, Nordenskjöld, Loubet, and Wilkins Coasts.

Research Stations (1940's - Present)

The first Antarctic research stations were established during World War II by a British military operation, Operation Tabarin.

The 1950s saw a marked increase in the number of research bases as Britain, Chile and Argentina competed to make claims over the same area. Meteorology and geology were the primary research subjects.

Since the peninsula has the mildest climate in Antarctica, the highest concentration of research stations on the continent can be found there, or on the many nearby islands, and it is the part of Antarctica most often visited by tour vessels and yachts. Occupied bases include Base General Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme, Bellingshausen Station, Carlini Base, Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station, Palmer Station, Rothera Research Station, and San Martín Base. Today on the Antarctic Peninsula there are many abandoned scientific and military bases. Argentina's Esperanza Base was the birthplace of Emilio Marcos Palma, the first person to be born in Antarctica.

Oil spill (1989)

The grounding of the Argentine ship the ARA Bahía Paraíso and subsequent 170,000 US gal (640,000 l; 140,000 imp gal) oil spill occurred near the Antarctic Peninsula in 1989.

Early Penguins Republic (2017 - 2020)

Aksana started within the Penguins Republic, officially the First Crowned Republic of the Penguins which was established as a micronation on the 30th of May 2017 by John I of Eintrachtia. John C.K.L. first made himself the King of the phenomenal First Kingdom of Penguins on 21 May in the same year. With the establishment of the National Constitution, a crowned republic was formed under a constitutional monarchy.

Ballistelliburgh was the first territory that the Penguinsians claimed in Antarctica, it was then incorporated into the Penguinsian Antarctic Territories as an autonomous province. The A.T. was established in late 2017, it consists of modern day South Wilkes, Gentoo and Costenia, primarily located in Wilkes Land, Antarctica. Ballistelliburgh was incorporated into Gentoo in 2021. In 2018, New Vinland was claimed and it covered areas in Greenland, Canada (Newfoundland) and the French island of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. It was named after Vinland, a settlement which the Vikings established after they discovered North America. The claims were relinquished in 2020.

Late Penguins Republic/Empire of Eintratchia (2019 - 2021)

Bir Tawil and the Hala’ib Triangle are disputed areas between Egypt and Sudan, the territories were claimed by Eintracia in 2019 and established the East Saharan Protectorate. The claims remained the status of overseas provinces of Eintracia before the withdrawal of claims in 2021.

Revolts broke out after decreased economic stability, the State of Eintrachtia was formed but it never gained independence. Many Commonwealth states have claimed independence and they were soon announced withdrawn by the Government of Eintracia.

Municipalities and small territories that have served as a diplomatic port of Eintracia around the world such as Lochshire and Cateringston remained Eintrachtian territories after the Concorde Revolution. While most of the other territories have been withdrawn, the Antarctic Territories remained. Ballistelliburgh withdrawn several territories and unified with Gentoo. The other Antarctic Territories expanded further inland and new borders were drawn in the Treaty of Lochshire. On 30 May 2021, the new Constitution was signed and the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia was established. The land of Aksana was left unclaimed by the remnant nations of the Imperial commonwealth that had become the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia for a entire year before the formation of the First Aksanin Republic.

Modern History (2022 - Present)

First Republic Antarctic map of Antarctica. (Flandrensis borders were misplaced, and Karno-Ruthenia borders in Antarctica Incorrect.)

The Republic of Aksana formed on 25 August 2022 in the afternoon, and planned to request to join the Union of Antarctic Micronations, which the republic formed by the United New England Micronations as a Free independent micronation within the Antarctic Continent north of the Kingdom of Eintrachtia recognizing it as a independent state because of its connected borders. On 18 September 2022 the first republic became disbanded.

The Silent Era, also called the Silent Time of Aksana was a era lasting between 18 September 2022 to 27 November 2022. The era started with the disbanding of the First Republic of Aksana, which the era is called the “Silent Era” as with the reformation of the republic on November 27th, 2022 the state was very inactive and quiet before reformation.

The re-foundation of the Second Republic started on 27 November 2022 70 days after the First Republic became disbanded. The Second Republic used the same form of government and claimed the same area as the first republic, but the state changed its demonym from "Aksan" to "Aksanin" and changed its flag to a dark blue horizontal tricolor flag with a star.[4] The state after its re-foundation dropped the Chinese and BelaKasan[e] languages.

Aksana entered its Golden Era on 18 February 2023 after gaining popularity on the internet. Aksana on 18 February 2023 also replaced its original Supreme Council dating back to the First Republic of Aksana turning it into the Aksanin Senate, and later also made 3 incorporated territories originally going to be 2 as one was going to be merged into Aksana but never happened, and it wouldn't be until 6 March 2023 that Aksana got its first Unincorporated territory, which on the same day Aksana also changed their motto to a newer motto because it was called Immature. The Second Republic of Aksana on 7 March 2023 removed "Second" from its name returning to the name just being the Republic of Aksana. On monday of 12 March 2023, Aksana did its Pro-Catalan Act because of Aksana's more spanish origins between The Kingdom of Spain, but because of Argentina, and Chile claims on the state and Catalan language being part of Spain and somewhat a spanish language making Aksana's Grand Coat of Arms feature the Catalan Flag on it in respect for Spain and the crown of Aragon but the flag has no connection to Catalonia. On 20 March 2023, the Aksanin government became a non-partisan government disbanding all of its political parties.

On 22 March 2023, Aksana decided to recognize Scotland as a part of the United Kingdom again as Aksana withdrew its negative claims against the british monarchy but Aksana still holds its negative claims against Chile and Argentina and the president stated

The United Kingdoms of Great Britain being a more peaceful state compared to the prussian similar government of Chile and the dictatorship of Argentina which claim our fair land. Scotland will be recognized as part of the United Kingdom.

1 Dollar Bill from Aksanin Currency Challenge.

On 28 March 2023, Aksana started its "currency challenge" which lasted 8 hours to decide between staying with the U.S. Dollar, or switching to a unofficial aksanin dollar which the results ended in the aksanin dollar remaining unused as it would be a unstable virtual and useless currency leaving the U.S. dollar as the only official currency of Aksana. The Aksanin dollars design is very similar to the 1930's Manchu yuan as the design took inspiration from it, and were going to be labeled "I" but the idea for Aksana to have its own currency got shot down to a position where it will not happen.

Screenshot by president from AMU official website.[5]

Aksana on the 29 March 2023 tried to apply for the Antarctic Micronational Union, but ended up never officially applying on that day until 30 March 2023 as the application of Aksana got timed out, but then on 30 March 2023 Aksana completed the application to join the Antarctic Micronational Union to become an Micronations with only Antarctic claims member state of the Antarctic Micronational Union.

Aksana for a very short period of time on 30 March 2023 made its national and civil flags proportion from 1:2 to to 2:3 before changing the flags back as the national design with the star and circle of the flag of Aksana did not fit a 2:3 proportion which resulted in the revert back to the 1:2 design. The civil flag design was made that 2:3 and 1:2 can be used for it as it is a simple tricolor, and both represent Aksana still. All though the 1:2 design is the official flag design of Aksana, the 2:3 design is also usable as a secondary design if a 1:2 is unavailable.

On 1 April 2023 Aksana changed back from a no-party state back to having political parties causing it to become a one-party state as it only has one active political party. After the change in aksana's government, during 4 April 2023 Aksana drafted it's constitution based on a simplified version of the U.S. constitution, totalling in 4 pages starting with the title "RIGHTS OF DEMOCRACY IN THE ANTARCTIC PENINSULA". The constitution states the powers of the government, and the rights of the people at the bottom, which also states the designs of the symbols of Aksana below the rights of people.[6][7]

Aksana, INC logo

On 6 April 2023, Aksana made a prototype non-official non-profit corporation similarly based off of Westarctica, INC as Aksana planned to in the future try to do what Grand Duke Travis I of Westarctica did with the Grand Duchy of Westarctica. Aksana, INC was founded in a inactive state which won't enter a active state until august 2026 when the president of Aksana becomes old enough to register Aksana, INC as its own company to do what Westarctica did. The purpose of Aksana, INC is for protecting the land from major human influence in the land claimed by the Republic of Aksana. The HQ of Aksana, INC was set in the Rhode Island Sector aka the United States state of Rhode Island, in the town of Richmond.

Westarctica, Inc logo

The logo of Aksana, INC was originally designed to resemble the logo of Westarctica, INC, but was designed to show the borders including unincorporated territories of Aksana with the name of Aksana next to it with a star, and the motto "Protecting the Antarctic Peninsula!" under the state's name. The civil flag of Aksana was put at the bottom starting at the left then it fades into the white background on the right.

Aksanin Government Flag
Seal of Aksana in a red outline within the Aksanin constitution.[6]

On 7 April 2023, Aksana adopted its governmental flag which is a light blue Nordic Cross with a 6 pointed star with a black outline in the middle on a white background, similar to the former flag of Northern Ireland. Aksana made the announcement that on 4 August 2023, that the state emblem would be replaced by the Grand Coat of Arms of Aksana, and that when the state emblem is removed it will also be removed from the Aksanin constitution. The president of Aksana stated on April 7th 2023:

On August 8th of this year (2023), Aksana's state emblem will be phased out with the Grand Coat of Arms as the state emblem resembles a communist emblem. When the state emblem is phased out, it will be removed from the constitution of Aksana as it currently is still in the constitution and will remain until it is phased out.

— President Taylor

On April 11 of 2023, Aksana adopted a new coat of arms instead of its former plan to phase out the former state emblem, which included the secondary flag of Aksana that was also made with the coat of arms, and Aksana made it that the Grand Coat of Arms would remain its own thing.

On 20 April 2023, Aksana self-claimed the IMSO 1 3-letter code aks unofficially, though Aksana did not officially get the code for itself leaving it unofficial.

Screenshot of email from Kevin Baugh.

Aksana on 24 May 2023 started a informal relationship with the Republic of Molossia after Aksana's president emailed the foreign ministry of Molossia at 10am UTC (6am EST), later getting a response at 5pm UTC (1pm EST) from President Kevin Baugh of Molossia also calling Molossia a "informal friend" to Aksana, and wishing the Aksanin Republic prosper. Shortly after, Aksana gave Kevin Baugh and his entire family the Aksanin Honourary First Class Order of the Golden Banner.

On 25 May 2023, Aksana started its Aksanin Standard Time which is half a hour ahead of UTC-4:00 and half a hour behind UTC-5:00, making UTC-4:30 as Aksana is in between both time zones because of its location to countries that use Eastern Standard Time and Central Standard Time.


Aksana originally started as a communist government is a de jure federal non-partisan semi-presidential republic, but officially under a de-facto dictatorship currently because of its low government personal. The Republic of Aksana is currently ruled by a president, prime minister, with a unicameral legislative branch called the Senate, formerly known as the Supreme Council.


The Constitution of Aksana is based on the U.S. government but simplified and modified to fit the Aksanin government.[6]


The Republic of Aksana formerly had no military until 25 May 2023 as it was neutral, until the founding of the Aksanin Army Corps also called the Aksanin Military Corps as a online military, not a physical solid army as Aksana still claims to be a neutral nation.

Political Parties

Aksana is currently only a one-party state, as there is only one existing party in the state, which is the leading party. Most political parties that have existed in Aksana's time have been disbanded since Aksana became non-partisan between March 20, 2023, and April 1, 2023, or became illegal because of something in their ideology. The Aksanin government parties are notable for having few people, as the Aksanin nation is very low on people who are apart of it and has very few virtual or in-person citizens.

Parties of Aksana
Flag/Symbol of Party Party Name Ideology Members Representatives Leader Founding Date Party Motto
Active Parties
Aksanin Democratic-Republican Party Liberalistic Conservative
Federal Capitalistic Semi-Democratic
Environmentalistic Party
1 / 21
Grant Taylor 25 August 2022 "Spreading democracy and freedom in Aksana since 2022!"
Former Parties
Flag/Symbol of Party Party Name Ideology Represenatives Leader Founding Date Date Disbanded Party Motto
Eintrachtian Monarchist Party of Aksana Pro-Monarchist party
0 / 21
N/A 29 December 2022 20 March 2023 "To restore the Monarchy to Aksana!"
Aksanin Social democratic Party Communist Anti-Capitalistic party
0 / 21
N/A 25 August 2022 4 March 2023 made illegal by Anti-communist act "Equality for all, and all are equal."

Districts and States

  Northern Adelaide
  Unincorporated Territories
State and District Flags
Flag of Einksana
Flag of Akserra
Northern Adelaide Flag

The Republic of Aksana has two states and one district which is the capital district. The two states of Aksana are called Einksana named after Aksana and Eintrachtia, and the other is called Akserra named after Aksana and Terra. Each District and State of Aksana has its own flag and identity that makes it noticeably different from a different region. Einksana and Akserra are filled with mountains, unlike Adelaide is not recognized.

State of Northern Adelaide

The State of Northern Adelaide, formerly the Capital District of Northern Adelaide is the Aksanin state home to the former capital of Aksana and is the only state of Aksana not bordering another state, but rather only bordering Southern Adelaide, Eintrachtia. Northern Adelaide was the host state of the capital of Aksana since the First Republic of Aksana until 5 April 2023.

Federal District of Renaud

The Federal District of Renaud simply Renaud or FDR is the de-jure capital of Aksana on the Island of Renaud, and while not a state it is not part of any state either but rather instead is a federal district. The district of Renaud was founded on the 5 April 2023 as the replacement capital to the former Capital District of Northern Adelaide.

Saki Todo Aksanin American Administrative Centre City

The Saki Todo Aksanin American Administrative Centre City, simply Saki Coty is the de-facto capital of Aksana located in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. Saki City was the first aksanin district to have its own flag. Though the territory is controlled directly by the aksanin government, it is not officially aksanin as it is in american soil and only acts as the capital outside of antarctica. Saki City is the only Bedroom territory of Aksana as it is the home of the Aksanin President.


Einksana or Northern Eintrachtia, officially the State of Einksanais the southern mainland point of The Second Republic of Aksana, Einksana is the only Aksanin Region to use the Eintrachtian language as a official language because it's on the border of The Kingdom of Eintrachtia. The flag of Einksana is a blue-white-red horizontal tricolor flag with a shield in the middle with the Eintrachtian flag in the shield.

Einksana is one of the coldest regions with the Republic of Aksana because of its southern location closer to the center of the Antarctic than Aksana's other two regions. Einksana is bordering the Eintrachtian county of Gentoo.


Akserra, also known as the State of Akserra is the located north the state of Einksana and is east of the capital, it is one of the warmest more habitable regions of Aksana. The region was founded on November 27, 2022 with the Second Republic founding.

The flag of Akserra is a Blue-white-yellow Tricolor flag with a star in the middle, the blue symbolizes the Antarctic and the yellow represents the warmth and sun of the region, meanwhile the Dark blue in around the star symbolizes the cold depths of the ice and ocean.


  Mainland Aksana
  Territory of Carlini
  Snowy Territory
  Territory of Machi
  Territory of Clarence
  U. Territory of The Orkney Islands
Territory Flags
Flag of Carlini
Flag of Machi
Flag of Snowy
Flag of Clarence
Flag of UTTOI

Aksana has four organized unincorporated territories which all are near the Aksanin Mainland, and one unorganized unincorporated territory which is farther from the Aksanin mainland which is why it is not incorporated. Incorporated territories in Aksana get a seat in the Aksanin Senate unlike unincorporated territories of Aksana which do not get a seat in senate.

Territory of Carlini

The Territory of Carlini is the biggest organized unincorporated of Aksana having a area of 808 sq mi, named after a base in the Territory of Machi. Carlini is made up of four major islands and seven smaller islands. Carlini was the third territory to be founded by Aksana on 18 February 2023. Carlini is the biggest Aksanin territory in the South Shetland Islands. For a period of time Carlini was claimed as part of Mainland Aksana during the First Republic of Aksana.

Territory of Machi

The Territory of Machi is a island organized unincorporated territory with a area of 740 sq mi. Machi is named after the Machu Picchu Base that is on the island. Machi was the first, and planned to only be one territory founded by Aksana on 18 February 2023. Machi is part of the South Shetland Islands, and is the second biggest organized unincorporated of Aksana. For a period of time Machi was claimed as part of Mainland Aksana during the First Republic of Aksana.

Snowy Territory

The Snowy Territory is named after "Snow Island" which is the capital of the territory, the Snowy Territory is made of two islands with a area of 126.4 sq mi. The Snowy Territory was the second organized unincorporated territory to be founded by Aksana, which was originally going to be part of mainland Aksana, but later planned to be part of what became Carlini but instead remained and was founded by Aksana on 18 February 2023. Part of the South Shetland Islands, it is the smallest Aksanin territory. For a period of time, the Snowy Territory was claimed as part of Mainland Aksana during the First Republic of Aksana. Snowy is an organized unincorporated territory of Aksana.

Territory of Clarence

The Territory of Clarence, also called the Outer Reaches Territory of Aksana as it is the farthest organized unincorporated territory from the Aksanin Mainland with a area of 286.6 sq mi made of two islands. Clarence was the fourth organized unincorporated to be founded by Aksana, originally going to be named "The Outer reaches of Aksana" it was named after one of the islands in its land on 18 February 2023. It the final Aksanin territory in the South Shetland Islands.

Unincorporated Territory of the Orkney Islands

The Unincorporated Territory of the Orkney Islands, simply UTTOI is the only unorganized unincorporated territory of Aksana founded on 6 March 2023 with a area of 630 km2. UTTOI is made up of all the South Orkney Islands, which because of its distance from the mainland of Aksana it was made Unincorporated, making it the only territory in Aksana not having a seat in the Aksanin Senate. The UTTOI was formerly part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies 1985, and under Argentine occupation in 1982 which started the Falklands War before in 1985 the dissolution of the Falkland Islands Dependencies. It is marked that UTTOI would become TOI to become a organized unincorporated territory on 9 August 2023 by Aksana.

Foreign relations

Maps of Aksana
World Map of Aksana
Aksanin Map of Antarctica

The foreign relations of Aksana are limited as a lot of micronations have the majority of their land in the African Continent, Europe, Asia, and North and South America which Aksana recognizes very few micronations from these continents as according to Aksana "A micronation that cannot control its land within a legitimate nation, which if it cannot it is not a actual nation and does not deserve the title of a nation" which with this Aksana also doesn't recognize online or Simulationist micronations. Aksana has no relations with any macronations and is internationally recognized as part of the Antarctic continent because of the Antarctic Treaty System. Aksana's map of the world is notable for being different than a lot of micronations because it's world map is different[8] but Aksana's map overtime is becoming more normal to the international map.


Mutual recognition

Informal relationship

  •  Molossia is recognized because of when it was founded and how stable it is, and that it controls its land. Informal relationships between Molossia and Aksana started after the Republic of Aksana emailed the foreign ministry of Molossia.

Unilateral recognition

Other Relations

  •  Argentina is recognized with all its land except its antarctic claims as its antarctic claims claim Aksana and Eintrachtia.
  •  Chile is recognized with all its land except its antarctic territories because it claims the same territory almost the same as Argentina making it claim Aksana and Eintrachtia.
  • Confederation of the Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia is not recognized because of its giant claims, and its claims on Aksana.



Aksana is currently part of no organizations, as it is a neutral nation who does not seek to be in a militant or any form of a organization, as Aksana does not want to offend its allies.


Aksana used to be apart of 2 organizations, which are:

National Symbols

National Flag of Aksana
Civil Flag of Aksana
Coat of Arms
Grand Coat of Arms


For the national and civil flag of Aksana, Flag of Aksana

The national and civil flags of Aksana are dark blue-white-light blue horizontal tricolor flags with a 1:2 proportion. The national flag has a blue circle in the center of the flag with a white rim around it and a white star at the same size as the blue circle in the middle of the blue circle. The national flag was adopted on the 27 November 2022 as a Blue remake with a 1:2 proportion instead of 2:3 proportion of the flag of The First Republic of Aksana.

Coat of Arms

Grand Coat of Arms

The official emblem of Aksana is a communist styled emblem with a white star, a yellow sun behind a forest and behind an icy river in the middle of the emblem. The emblem has a ribbon which splits in 2 of dark blue and light blue around both sides with the spanish and esperanto name's of Aksana in the middle lower half of the ribbon. The emblem was adopted on the 5 December 2022 as the official emblem of Aksana.

The grand coat of arms is a Crown of Aragon Style Coat of arms with the Flag of Aragon in the top left, the flag of The Kingdom of Eintrachtia, and a 3 branching stick with 3 snowflakes on the end of each branch in the bottom middle which is on a blue base surrounded by a white ribbon. The grand coat of arms has a star over the emblem and 2 flags behind it, one being a light blue flag, and the other being a dark blue flag. There are 2 rifles and 2 drums in the Grand Coat of Arms and reef with berries in the emblem. The Grand coat of arms was adopted on the 12 March 2023.



The territory claimed by Aksana is the Northern half of the Antarctic Peninsula; it is claimed by the United Kingdom, Chile, and Argentina which it borders The Kingdom of Eintrachtia which is also claimed by the United Kingdom, Chile, and Argentina. The borders of Aksana were already pre-set as it claimed the land north of Eintratchia with a straight line border, which Aksana's borders of influence stretch and bend out to the Unincorporated Territory of the Orkney Islands, making reaching total land and frozen ice areas of 54,389 sq mi.

Originally Aksana did not claim the island chain near it that is now the organized unincorporated territories until 18 February 2023, and claimed its last piece of territory land on 6 March 2023 as an unorganized unincorporated territory the farthest from the Aksanin incorporated territory. All mainland Aksana borders of Aksana have existed since the founding of the First Republic of Aksana on 25 August 2022 in the Antarctic Peninsula.

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  1. Including territories[1]
  2. Because of there only being trails and no solid roads in Aksana, any vehicles within Aksana drive in middle of trails/roads
  3. The area is including the frozen ice land claimed by aksana.
  4. Status of the Antarctic Treaty within Aksana according to Aksana unknown
  5. The upper case "K" in BelaKasan was not a typo, or a mistake in capilzation but rather just how it was spelt.
  1. The civil flag of Aksana:

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