Empire of Eintracia

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State of the Penguins
Staat der Pinguine (German)
Estado dos Pinguins (Portuguese)
Empire of Eintracia
Eintrakisches Reich (German)
Império Eintracia (Portuguese)
Flag of Empire of Eintracia
Left: Flag of the Penguins Republic (2017–2019)
Right: Flag of Eintracia (2019–2021)
All areas of the world that was ever claimed control over by the Empire of Eintracia
All areas of the world that was ever claimed control over by the Empire of Eintracia
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesGerman
Roman Catholicism
Demonym(s)Penguinsian, Penguinese (uncommon)
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy (2017-2018, 2020)
Monarchy (2018-2019)
• Total
1,150,000 km2 (440,000 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
Bir Tawil
Hala‘ib Triangle
Republic of Aksana
Hong Kong
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
Bir Tawil
Hala‘ib Triangle
Today part ofAksana
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Halaib Triangle
Bir Tawil
Hong Kong

The Empire of Eintracia was a historical time period of its modern day successor states Eintrachtia and Aksana. It was composed of colonies, protectorates and territories claimed and administered by the State of the Penguins and the Kingdom of Eintracia.

It began when two phenomenal micro states established by John C.K.L. joined together and established the State of the Penguins, also known unofficially as the Penguins Republic, and claimed new territories in the Antarctic Peninsula, which was later named Ballistelliburg. The state was renamed the Penguins (Crowned) Republic and expanded its territories through claiming various disputed or unclaimed land around the world.

The imperial age of Eintracia came to an end when the Concorde Revolution broke out in 2021 due to the increased focus on politics and foreign affairs by the state causing a decline in economic stability. A short State of Eintrachtia was formed between revolutionaries and the establishment of the Constitution of Eintrachtia formed the new Constitutional Crowned Republic, ending the imperialist focus of the government.


The Empire was formed after the establishment of the first overseas territory of the Penguins Republic, creating the “colonial” idea of expansion, forming the “Imperial Commonwealth” of Penguins, which later became the Imperial Commonwealth of Eintracia after 2019.


The Penguins Republic, officially known as the First Crowned Republic of the Penguins was established as a micronation on 30 May 2017 by John C.K.L.. John first made himself the King of the phenomenal First Kingdom of Penguins on 21 May in the same year. With the establishment of the National Constitution, a crowned republic was formed under a constitutional monarchy.

Early expansion

Ballistelliburgh was the first territory that the Penguinsians claimed in Antarctica, it was then incorporated into the Penguinsian Antarctic Territories as an autonomous province. The A.T. was established in late 2017, it consists of modern day South Wilkes, Gentoo and Costenia, primarily located in Wilkes Land, Antarctica. Ballistelliburgh was incorporated into Gentoo in 2021. In 2018, New Vinland was claimed and it covered areas in Greenland, Canada (Newfoundland) and the French island of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. It was named after Vinland, a settlement which the Vikings established after they discovered North America. The claims were relinquished in 2020.

Bir Tawil and the Hala’ib Triangle are disputed areas between Egypt and Sudan, the territories were claimed by Eintracia in 2019 and established the East Saharan Protectorate. The claims remained the status of overseas provinces of Eintracia before the withdrawal of claims in 2021.

Fall of the Imperial Commonwealth

Revolts broke out after decreased economic stability, the State of Eintrachtia was formed but it never gained independence. Many Commonwealth states have claimed independence and they were soon announced withdrawn by the Government of Eintracia.

Municipalities and small territories that have served as a diplomatic port of Eintracia around the world such as Lochshire and Cateringston remained Eintrachtian territories after the Concorde Revolution. While most of the other territories have been withdrawn, the Antarctic Territories remained. Ballistelliburgh withdrawn several territories and unified with Gentoo. The other Antarctic Territories expanded further inland and new borders were drawn in the Treaty of Lochshire. On 30 May 2021, the new Constitution was signed and the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia was established.


The Empire of Eintracia expanded its territorial claims in over 12 countries, 4 territories and 2 disputed land claims, it covered territories of over 1,150,000 km² (444,000 sq mi). The Empire contributed to many of the modern territories of Eintrachtia especially in Antarctica, it also shaped the root of the Eintrachtian foreign relations. The significance of the Imperial Commonwealth and inspired the establishment of the Cyrianic Federal Republic.

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