South Orkney Islands

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South Orkney Islands
Islas Orcadas del Sur (Spanish)
Îles Orcades du Sud (French)
Sør-Orknøyene (Norwegian)
Южные Оркнейские Острова (Russian)

Flag of the South Orkney Islands.jpgCoat of Arms of the South Orkney Islands.png

Map of the SOI.png
South Orkney Islander Territories in the Southern Ocean.
Capital cityOrcadas
Largest citySigny
Official language(s)English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Russian
DemonymSouth Orkney Islander
EstablishedApril 26st, 2011
Area claimed620 square kilometers (239 square miles)
Population200 (est.)
CurrencyArgentine Peso
Time zone-3.5 year round (proposed)
National animalEmperor Penguin
The South Orkney Islands is a member of the Union of Associated States.