Micronational Authority of Sister Cities

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"Sister Cities" redirects here. For the GUM project, see GUM Sister Cities Program.
The Micronational Authority of Sister Cities (MASC) is an organization founded in 2009 by the leaders of Bokonton, Landashir, and the Slinky Empyre, to help micronations improve relations with another by "twinning" some of their cities and/or other administrative divisions.

Cities seeking cities

City/Division Micronation Continent Contact info Notes
Akebar Flag.jpg Vosḱav New Canada Union Flag.png States of New Canada Europe MicroWiki page Largest city.
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Kasbarpolis Republic of Kuhugstan.png Kuhugstan North America Email Capital
Smallersmallflag.pngNew Gimli Smallersmallflag.png Iskwan Europe Email Capital
Micronationflag126.jpg Kravat Oblast Micronationflag126.jpg Gishabrun North America Email Capital
Pradflag.png Prad Egtaviaflag.png Egtavia Europe MicroWiki page Capital
Natillyah.jpg Natillyah Bokonton royal flag.jpg Bokonton Europe Email Capital
Noflag.png Varcetia City Untitled.jpg Varcetia Europe MicroWiki page Capital
Noflag.png Patetopia City Flag of Patetopia.png Patetopia North America Email Capital
NORTHERN.png Northern District Landashirblueold.png Landashir Europe Email City
Astor Impora Flag.jpg Astor Impora Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhavia Europe Email Capital
Noflag.png Oceanside Samanacayflag.jpg Samana Cay North America Email Largest City in the country
Whalers seal.png Whalers Bay Aseaflag.jpg ASEA Antarctica Email Capital
Noflag.png Asuka Aseaflag.jpg ASEA Antarctica Email
NEWDCT.png Dredim Capital Territory Flag Of Lbp.gif Los Bay Petros Asia Email Capital
Appuru.png Serdtse, Appuru Yabloko flag.png Yabloko Australia Email
Noflag.png New Leningrad Flag of the Lurk Federation.png Lurk Federation Europe Email
Klin Flag.png Klin FlagofMalavnia.png The Republic of Malavnia North America Email Capital

Current sister cities

Vosḱav, Dalton-Arika, New Canada

Wadonstol.png Jamestown, Wadonstol

Backton, Pamale

NEW GARGSTAN FLAG.jpg Sofa City, Garagstan

Kravat Oblast, Gishabrun

Flag of Patetopia.png Patetopia City, Republic of Patetopia

Patetopia City, Patetopia

Micronationflag126.jpg Kravat Oblast, Gishabrun

Sofa City, Garagstan

SKOPamaleFlag.png Backton, Pamale

Woking City, Dale Republic

Flag of the City of North Paulet Island.jpg North Paulet Island, Marxist People's Republic of Burkland
Montriac Flag.png Brallisse, Montriac

North Paulet Island, Burkland

Woking flag.png Woking City, Dale Republic

Brallisse, Montriac

Woking flag.png Woking City, Dale Republic