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Jamestown (pronounced Jaem-sz-town) is the Capital city and oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States of Wadonstol, as well as the capital of the state of Oldenburg. It was created by James I of Wadonstol on the 27th October, 2010, two days after the foundation of the Grand Republic of Ding Dong. A tent was raised on the 6th January, 2011, and wasn't taken down until the 23rd June, 2011. Jamestown has been the site of a couple of battles throughout the Wadonstol Independence Campaign, including the Occupational Battle of Oatley. Jamestown was the city where the bank is located - where Wadonstolian Banknotes have been printed and coins have been made, it is the site where Boris II of Froggland died and lies in rest, and it is also the city with the only main street in Wadonstol. Inhabitants of Jamestown are called Jamestownians.

Early History

The City of Jamestown (before the city was built) was an archaeological site, finding artifacts from the 1920's. This gained the attention of James I, who then built his city next to this site. When Jamestown was first built, it was intended to be a small village, an unimportant stand-by village, but as time progressed, cities didn't, so Jamestown became the Capital, for being the largest and most populous city in Wadonstol. This is no longer the case, but Jamestown will remain capital at least until the 2017 elections.

Silenced History

The period of time known as the 'Silenced' was approximately the 10th January, 2011 - 29 September 2011. This is the micronational equivalent of the 'Dark Ages' - No advancements made, a nation on hold - including the city of Jamestown. There is not much recorded history of this period - only that the Senate Tent of Wadonstol stood until the 23rd June, 2011.

Restoration History

The Restoration Period was when the 'Silenced' ended, and celebrations were held as 20 new citizens came to Wadonstol. Jamestown was a big center for celebrations, and had on average a parade per week during this period. The Restoration period lasted from 30 September 2011 - 10 January 2012. This included Christmas, Kurzadia-Wadonstol Treaty Day and the National Day (Independence Day) - 25 October.

Modern History

Today, the City of Jamestown has 5 citizens, and 10 buildings, a running water supply, drain, bins, a garage, a freezer, and an electric organ for ceremonies. It is the center for the government of the Republic of Wadonstol, and boasts a Legoland, and a Numismatic Museum. Jamestown is also an extremely multicultural city, boasting people of Irish, English, German and Australian Backgrounds, and many sister cities, connected with Jamestown.

Sister Cities