North Paulet Island

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North Paulet Island

Flag of the City of North Paulet Island.jpg Coat of arms of the City of North Palmer Island.png
Flag and coat of arms of North Paulet Island
Country Flag of Burkland.png Marxist People's Republic of Burkland
Region Flag of the City of North Paulet Island.jpg North Paulet Island
Founded 2011

Government City
Honorary mayor Vacant

– Total 2 km2

Time zone Chilean Time (CLT)[1]

North Paulet Island is the capital city of the Antarctic claim of the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland.

Flag of the City of North Paulet Island

Like the flag of the former Dale City, it is based on the flag of the country of heritage of the leader of the micronation. Unlike the Dale City flag, it isn't based on the national colours seen on the flag and is instead inverted.

Sister cities


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