Politics of Burkland

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As its name suggests, Burkland is a Marxist Republic, whith direct political views, and that takes examples in former and current communist states. The government calls itself a democratic nation; with secular positions in its actions and formed by three political parties in government. While the Burklandi government does not protect the political parties, it promotes the equality of them in front of the Constitution. Sharing status as national motto, the Government uses "Be nice, friendly, and forgive others" as example for its actions both internal and foreign. However, Burklandi President has criticized himself for allegedly violating that in regards to relations between Burkland and Berin. The leader of the opposition in the Burklandi Congress is the mother of President Matthew representing the Social Democratic Party. However, decisions are meet either with a comprise or an unanimous decision resulting because of the number of Burklandi Congressmen. As a result of the Burklandi government's focus on foreign affairs, internally Burkland is largely inactive in internal affairs. Still internal activity projects are in the early stages of development and notably the one of the few internal activities outside of involvement in "the Sector" at this time. Most of the activities are very minor to the development of internal activity in Burkland. Like many micronations, Burkland permits the involvement of non-sentient beings in its internal governance. Perhaps the best-known examples is the Towel of Burkland, which is one of Matthew's towels, first vice president and was the self-proclaimed king of Burkland until the creation of the Burklandi monarchy. It was also formerly the head of the Francoist Party of Burkland before the banning of said party.

Role of the Communist Party

The communist party is not the only legal party in paper, yet many consider it the ruling party which the majority of citizens being a member of the party and how it is a Marxist republic. However, Burklandi president Matthew Burklandssen wishes this to come to end after a successful election is conducted. Even still, the role of the communist party and the government is an unsolved legal matter. The country is a Marxist state yet the communist government can be overthrown with a majority vote which puzzles many outsiders.