Political parties in Burkland

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A new law that was passed, the Burklandi government would create political parties in a once non-partisan state.

Political parties

Social Democratic Party of Burkland (Democratic Socialist Party)
General-Secretary TRH Mom
Vice General-Secretary None
Founded 20 July 2011
Headquarters Legatia
Ideology Social democracy
Political Position centre-left
Official colors Red and white
Membership ~2
Communist Party of Burkland
Chairman Matthew Burklandssen
Founded 20 July 2011
Headquarters Bundeshauptstadt
Ideology Communism
Political Position far-left
Official colors Red and yellow
Membership ~4
Proposed flag Proposed flag of the Communist Party of the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland.jpg
Anthem Chinese Rock Internationale by Tang Dynasty
Capitalist Party of Burkland
President None
Founded 20 July 2011
Headquarters N/A
Ideology Capitalist democracy
Official colors Red, White, yellow, and blue
Political Position conservative
Membership 1

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