Political parties in Burkland

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A new law that was passed, the Burklandi government would create political parties in a once non-partisan state.

Political parties

Social Democratic Party of Burkland (Democratic Socialist Party)
General-Secretary TRH Mom
Vice General-Secretary None
Founded 20 July 2011
Headquarters Legatia
Ideology Social democracy
Political Position centre-left
Official colors Red and white
Membership ~2
Communist Party of Burkland
Chairman Matthew Burklandssen
Founded 20 July 2011
Headquarters Bundeshauptstadt
Ideology Communism
Political Position far-left
Official colors Red and yellow
Membership ~4
Proposed flag
Anthem Chinese Rock Internationale by Tang Dynasty
Capitalist Party of Burkland
President None
Founded 20 July 2011
Headquarters N/A
Ideology Capitalist democracy
Official colors Red, White, yellow, and blue
Political Position conservative
Membership 1

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