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The Burklandi government has an open door policy towards other micronational governments however Burklandis lean towards condemning the politics of most macronations, especially macronations like Israel and the United States. While the most relations between Burkland and other micronational governments are informal, President Matthew has expressed a leaning towards more formal relations. One of the foreign relations controversies are between Burkland and the Republic of Berin, with a proposals to recognize Berin as an autonomy movement and not as a secessionist movement being condemned by Matthew himself as "being imperialistic." Later relations got more peaceful and later became practically non-existent after the merger of the Berinese government into the Nemkhav Federation. Relations between the Faryaese government and the Burklandi government is unclear as the governments have both good and bad relations. Burkland also maintains strong diplomatic ties with Monovia and Tiana.

Close relations

Relations between Burkland and some micronations are very close in both formal and informal diplomacy, these nations' diplomacy are a result of both close personal relations between the leaders and commonalities in their nations. Nations with close relations with Burkland are:

Some nations that have close relations with Burkland are not included on this list because of limited interaction between nations.

Unrecognized nations

Although there is no officially unrecognized nations, the Burklandi president has proposed the following micronations and macronations are not to be recognized as independent sovereign states by the Burklandi government:

Flag Nation Reason
National Transitional Council Puppet state of the United States, racism and human rights abuses.
Nationia Terrorism against the micronational community.
Inactive micronations All recognized nations must be active.[1]

Somalia's sovereignty is currently under review, as many Burklandis believe there is no government. Whether or not they can be sovereign without a government has not been addressed.


  1. A micronation is only considered inactive if it is inactive in both foreign and internal affairs.