Autonomous socialist republics of Burkland

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Coats of arms for both the autonomous socialist republics.

The autonomous socialist republics of Burkland (or ASRs) are two autonomous republics within the territory of the autonomous Zealandian canton of Burkland. Expect for land set aside for the Federal Territories (which is currently only the capital, Bundeshauptstadt), all land above the equator is under Northern Burkland's autonomous jurisdiction and all land under the equator is under Southern Burkland's autonomous jurisdiction. Both autonomous republics have the right to declare independence via a referendum, and this right is planned to be in the constitution which is being written. The system was based on a similar system in Zealandia.

While the autonomous republics have different flags and anthems, their coat of arms, secondary language and motto (Autonomy, freedom and solidarity!) are the same. The coat of arms is used by the Ministry for the Autonomous Republics. This is supposed to be a metaphor for the two republics' unity and their differences.

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