Monarchy of Burkland

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People's Queen of Burkland
Lindström Markssen
StyleHer Most Royal Majesty
First monarchLindström Markssen

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The monarchy of Burkland is the honorary monarchy headed by the House of Markssen which also rules over Faryar, Sandford, Tiana and Zealandia respectively. The ruling monarch, which is currently Queen Lindström. The monarchy has no rule power in the Burklandi borders and is only just a figurehead, as a symbol of Burkland. The Burklandi state is a republican monarchy meaning that the Queen is elected by the people - the sub-national throne of Southern Burkland is bestowed by the President. As Burkland shares their monarchy with other Rekswhaleskabet member-states, their nations also get a vote in the new queen. The queen lasts until death or until the Queen resigns.

Full title

The full title of the Burklandi monarch, as issued by the Burklandi government, is Queen Lindström of the House of Markssen, Queen of Burkland and New Herway-Anthylls, Hero of the Workers of the Rekswhaleskabet, Designer of the Flag of Royalty, Protector of Burkland against American Imperialism, Keeper of the Key to Freedom and Member of the Order of Puglisi.

House of Markssen

Monarch Reign Motto
LindströmI November 22, 2011 - present The rule of Charlotte is the rule of Burklandi unity