Zealandian Commonwealth

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Zealandian Commonwealth
Zålandiensch Rekswhaleskabet

Zealandian Commonwealth Flag.png
Zealandian Commonwealth Coat of Arms.png

Unity, Diversity, Friendship
Celtic Bolero (de facto)
Location of Commonwealth.png
Macronational Areas that the Commonwealth is located in
Capital cityDenton, Zealandia
Largest cityReykjalo, Zealandia
Official language(s)English, German, Zealandian, Spanish, Swedish, Tianish and Maori
Official religion(s)Secular
- First SecretaryJoseph Puglisi
- ProtectorKing Anthony
LegislatureZealandian Parliament
EstablishedSeptember 2011
CurrencyZealandian Krona
Not to be confused with the Commonwealth of Zealandia

The Zealandian Commonwealth (Zealandian: Zålandiensch Rekswhaleskabet) is a micronational commonwealth that seeks to unite all Dependencies, Dominions and other associated states of Zealandia.