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Anthem: Ør þulksk lánde
Location of Faryar
Official languagesSpanish • Faryaese Zealandian
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
Establishment7 November 2011
CurrencyKróna (Fk.)
Time zone(UTC-4:30)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nemkhav Berin
Principality of Montriac

Faryar was a short-lived micronation in the Valtir Sector. It was a member of the Zealandian Commonwealth (Rekswhaleskabet), a commonwealth of micronations under the now defunct Crown of Kingdom of Zealandia. It was created after the dissolution of the Second Berinese Republic on 7 November 2011, in an era of rampant political instability in the Valtir Sector. It was disestablished on 16 February 2012, when the Principality of Montriac was established by Faryar's Prime Minister and leader of the Valtir Sector, Tarik Kârjasary.


The Second Berinese Republic, Faryar's predecessor, was a territory of the Nemkhav Federation. The Berinese government, headed by Tarik Kârjasary, decided to abandon the Federation over instability, disagreements with other territories and the Nemkhav government's controvesial decision to join the Grand Unified Micronational. Kârjasary then entered talks with Joseph Puglisi, head of the Zealandian Commonwealth, to establish a territory of the Commonwealth in the remaining lands controlled by the former Berinese government. Faryar was officially established on 7 November 2011. As a member of the Commonwealth (also known by its Zealandian name, Rekswhaleskabet), Faryar was subjected to the Zealandian Monarchy and as such its head of state was the Queen of Zealandia, Charlotte I.

Faryar was built in a very similar fashion to Zealandia; establishing a micronation with cultural influences from Nordic nations, especially Iceland and Denmark, in the Valtir Sector. A dialect of the Zealandian language, Faryaese Zealandian, was created and adopted as official language. Valtirian cities were renamed in the new dialect, most notably Seoux (renamed Éjánstaþ), and Faryaese naming laws were imposed on all citizens.

A unicameral parliament, the Leyþing, was established, and elections were held as soon as they could be after the establishment of the realm. Tarik Kârjasary became Prime Minister of the newly founded nation, and Isadora Annenak was appointed Vicereine by Queen Charlotte.

Despite being initially active and promising, the nation followed the lead of its predecessor states and slowly decayed into inactivity. Communications between the Faryaese government and the Zealandian monarchy became intermittent and strained, and on 16 February 2012 Faryar was officially dissolved by its local government, to be succeded by the Principality of Montriac.

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