Nemkhav Berin

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Republic of Berin
Coat of arms
Motto: Per Pacem
(Latin: "Through peace")
Location of Berin
Official languagesSpanish
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary directorial republic within Nemkhavia
Establishment27 September 2011
CurrencyNemkhav Mark (Nm)
Time zone(UTC-4:30)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
First Berinese Republic
For other micronations with this name, see Berin.

Berin, officially the Republic of Berin (in Spanish: República de Berin) (pronounced [βeɾin]) and retrospectively known as the Second Berinese Republic was a short-lived republic and member state of the Nemkhav Federation in the Valtir Sector. Established on 27 September 2011, it was preceded by the First Berinese Republic and succeded by Faryar on 7 November 2011, when it was officially dissolved.

The Republic of Berin was established on 27 September 2011, in the early days of the Valtir Sector at a time of rampant political instability. It was a successor to the First Berinese Republic, which itself was a successor of the State of Berin. It was established as one of the territories of the Nemkhav Federation.

The Second Berinese Republic is considered to be one of the most important micronations of the pre-Sabia and Verona era of the Valtir Sector. It became the first Valtirian state to count with a codified Constitution, and the first to be part of a larger micronational federation, an experience that would be repeated later in the Sector with the Zealandian Commonwealth, the Kossian Empire, the Empire of Austenasia and Juclandia.

Administratively, Berin was a parliamentary republic governed by a unicameral legislature, the Assembly of Berin, which was headed by a two co-heads of government who also served as heads of state, the Lehendakaris (from the Basque word for president). The territory of the Republic was split up into nine administrative districts that had no local governance: Seoux (the Capital, located in present-day Salisse and the greater Sabia region), Vadenbourg, New Navassa, West Santa Emilia, Berin-Lesten, East Santa Emilia, Cañaveral, Caño Rico and Oriensa.