First Berinese Republic

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Republic of Berin


Seventh Berinese Flag.pngEmblem of Berin.png

Tenems ill'honǫur d'caliêr a nos bęriné
"We have the honor of calling ourselves Beriners"
Berin location SA.png
Roosevelt Island Location.png
Capital citySeoux
Official language(s)Spanish • Berinese
DemonymBerinese • Beriner
GovernmentPresidential Republic
Established18 August 2011
Area claimed59.39 km2 (22.9 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4:30
For other micronations with this name, see Berin.

The Republic of Berin was a short-lived micronation of the Valtir Sector established on 18 August 2011. It was a democratic presidential republic formed after the dissolution of the State of Berin, also known as the First Berinese Empire, the first of the Valtirian micronations to be sockpuppeting and fantasy-free. This micronation is retrospectively known as the First Berinese Republic, as it was succeded by the Second Berinese Republic shortly after its creation. The Second Berinese Republic, commonly known as Nemkhav Berin, was a member state of the Nemkhav Federation.

The First Berinese Republic is notable in that it's the only state in the history of the Valtir Sector to claim territory in Antarctica, specifically Roosevelt Island. It was part of tghe Organisation of Active Micronations, the Organisation of Micronational Ambient Protection and the Dale - Berin Union.