Berinese language

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Berinese language
Lliunga beriné
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  • Italic
    • Romance
      • Italo-Occidental
        • Proto-Berinese
          • Berinese

The Berinese language (in Berinese: Lliunga beriné) is a now abandoned constructed language (conlang) project from Berin. It was a micronational engelang/explang based on Spanish. The Berinese grammar was heavily based on Spanish grammar, though the conlang counted with French and Catalan influence as well.


When Montblanc was entablished, a language was designed to be speaken in the country. The Montblancqi language was still a small project when was interrupted due to the political instability of the region. A new conlang, inspired in Finnish language, was developed to be used in the successor states of Montblanc. It failed soon, due to the perceivedly difficult pronunciation of the language among the predominantly Hispanophone population of Montblanc. The development of the language was kept on hold when Montblanc transitioned into the Berinese Confederation. With the fall of the Berinese monarchy, the project was taken up again under the flag of Berin, but it was soon abandoned once again when The Faryar was established

Linguistic properties


The Berinese was a constructed Gallo-Romance language, inspired by French and Catalan, and very naturalistic, with quite a few irregularities.

Writing system

The Latin writing system was used as the writing system of Berinese.

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