Monarchy of Uskor

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High Queen of Uskor
StyleHer Majesty
Heir presumptiveN/A
First monarchCharlotte
Formation26 August 2017

The Monarchy of the Commonwealth of Uskor is the Constitutional monarchy of Zealandia. The current monarch is Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor.
The monarch is elected by the Storþing for life.
The Uskorian monarchy is based upon a loose interpretation of constitutional ideals that stem from sources such as the Norse, the ancient Irish, Anglo-Saxons, the Westminster system and unique Uskorian constitutional and cultural elements.

Powers and duties

The High Queen is the Head of State of Uskor.
According to the Uskorian Constitution and Uskorian Law the High Queen enjoys the following prerogatives:

  • Adopting laws, resolutions and other general acts, usually but not exclusively in consultation with National Assembly of Uskor.
  • Deciding to amend the constitution in accordance with provisions for that found in this constitution.
  • Announcing referenda in accordance with the law.
  • Ratifying international treaties.
  • Oversees foreign, defence and security policies.
  • Decides in regard to general interest issues in accordance to the law.
  • Representing Uskor internally and externally.
  • Guaranteeing the constitutional functioning of the institutions set forth in this constitution
  • Issues decrees in accordance with this constitution.
  • Promulgates laws.
  • Commander in Chief of Uskorian Defence Forces
  • The right to appoint and dismiss the Uskorian Government
  • The right to grant titles, awards and honours
  • The right to declare a state of emergency

The Monarch has many more powers and duties both codified in the constitution and in law.

Personification of the State

See The Crown
The legal personality of a component of the Uskorian state is sometimes expressed by reference to the monarch.
In criminal prosecutions, the state as a party is ordinarily named as "The High Queen"—for instance, "The High Queen v Smith". However, the prosecutors themselves are referred to as representing "the Crown". In the same sense, all state lands are called Crown land, state-owned buildings and equipment are called Crown-held property, and the copyright for all government publications is called Crown copyright.
Actions against a government are often brought against the responsible officer ex officio—for example, "Smith v Minister for State Security" or, more specifically, "Jones v Commissioner of the Uskorian Watch".

List of Monarchs

Image Name Born Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch Relation to previous Monarch House
Charlotte August 1991 26 August 2017 Incombent Throne established New Schellenberg


According to the Uskorian Constitution the monarch is elected for life by the Great Assembly, however should the monarch either abdicate, be permanently unable to carry out their duties or dies in office, the Lord High Keeper of Fire shall exercise the powers of the monarch, until such time as Great Assembly can be convened.
When a session of the Great Assembly is called to elect a monarch, any citizen may nominate themselves or others and be elected by a vote of hands or by dividing in front of the Lord High Keeper of Fire into groups either approving on the candidate or rejecting the candidate. Once a suitable candidate has been elected, a new Lord High Keeper of Fire may be appointed or the incumbent confirmed.

Title and Styles

Royal styles of
Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor
Reference styleHer Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleMa’am

The full title and style of the current High Queen is:

  • Her Majesty Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor, Grand Duchess of Denton, Queen of Pentacles, High Priestess of Uskor, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Minister for State Security, and Minister for Women.

Royal Standard

The Royal Standard of Uskor is the flag used by the Monarch in their capacity as High Queen of Uskor. It is only permitted to be flown from buildings in which the Monarch is in, displayed in at royal functions and offices, and flown on vehicles, aircraft and vessels in which the monarch is traveling.

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The Royal Standard of Uskor: the Monarch's official flag.
The Royal Standard of Uskor: the Monarch's official flag. 
The Royal Standard is an Uskorian flag defaced in the center with the crowned shield of Royal Arms of Uskor.