Burklandi language

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Burklandi language

Regulated byBravlind
Spoken inBurkland, Sakasaria
Total speakers2
FamilyLanguage isolate

The Burklandi language is a language in progress which plans to use the Arabic alphabet, however it was originally planned that the language used the Phoenician alphabet however that was rejected as transliterating to Arabic was much easier. It then later just used the English alphabet.


Burklandi is basically Late Proto-Burklandi with a different grammar and some additions. First, this is Late Proto-Burklandi:
"If the word begins with a consonant or a group of consonants move it (the consonant or consonant-group) to the end of the word, like in Pig Latin. Yet don't add "ay" instead add "æn" pronounced as the English word "an."

Verbs that end in a consonant, added "æn" too but that should be the only change. It if ends with a vowel and begins with one remove the vowels from that are at the end with "æn."

"Should I do something?" is "Ouldshæn Iæn odæn omethingsæn?" Now you know Late Proto-Burklandi! "

i=a (vice versa)
m=n (vice versa)
ur=ue (vice versa)

Much like English however the word order is OSV. For example, I love you in Lojban (OSV dialect seeing how any word is acceptable) is

  • do se prami mi (OVS) (You are loved by me)

Expect for the translation being Lojban, this is in the correct Burklandi word-order.

Different words:
Burkland = Bravlind
Burklandi = Paulet

That is all.


All words from the MicroBooks lesson still apply. In addition, Salvanger is used when strangers greet while Salve is used by people who know each other. After the text was published another difference in grammar was decided, verbs stay the same no matter the context ("The people are Burklandis" would literally be "Burklandis to be the people").


Not to be confused with Burklandi English.
Burk-English is a language were an "S" is a replaced with a "cz" and a "cz" is a replaced by an "S." Also, certain words are replaced Burklandi words such as

  • Burkland(i) - Bravlind(ic) (as borrowed from the regular Burklandi)
  • Aldrich Lucas - Adminatron (as borrowed from Kozo-English)
  • North Korean - Democratic People's Republic of Korean
  • South Korean - Republic of Korean
  • Chinese (Mainland) - People's Republic of Chinese
  • Chinese (Republic) - Republic of Chinese
  • Bubble - Dubble
  • Fall - Laff
  • Moon - Muna