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Based on a Latin WikiBooks lesson. Some of the information has changed, see here for more details.

Chapter One, Lesson One - Basic conversation: In this chapter you'll study basic conversations.


Speakers Burklandi English
Maria Salvanger. Hello.
Eva Salvanger! Hi!
Maria Nonma kisaki? What's your name?
Eva Eva nonma. Nonma kisaki? My name is Eve. What's your name?
Maria Maria. [I'm] Maria.
Eva Kharekhara? beljoy. Really? That is something that brings joy to me.
Maria Gratian. Thanks.
Eva Benemal? How are you?
Maria Bene. Well.
Eva Benewell. Good bye.
Maria Yutu. You too.

Word order

The word order of Burklandi is Object-Subject-Verb, however verbs aren't often used. Even the word "to be" doesn't have a Burklandi counterpart.