Republic of Varcetia

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Republic of Varcetia Varcetian: Le Republico Se Varcetia


Coat of Arms

Motto: (Varcetian) Dor Place Si Dor Kindom  Your Home Is Your Kingdom


Praise The People of Varcetia

Capital Varcetia City
Government: National Varcetian Goverment
Location: Dorset, England
Area claimed: 0.0015625m²
Population: 3
Date of foundation: 6 July 2009
Leadership: President Henry Wilkinson
Language: Varcetian, English
Demonym: Varcetian
Currency: Varcetian Poond (V)
National Drink Water
National Animal Cat
This nation is a member of the UWM, GAMA, UNMCN & GUM

The Republic of Varcetia, also known as Varcetia (pronounced Var-say-sha), is a landlocked micronation that borders the United Kingdom and fellow micronation, Wilkland. It is made up of 3 towns, Varcetia City (capital), Arno and Coll. It was formed by President Henry Wilkinson July 6, 2009. It consists of 3 houses, which together form the 3 national States (Varcetia City, Arno and Coll). Varcetia claims 0.0015625 square miles of land (4046 square metres). It has also claimed a small part of Antactica.


Varcetia was formed on 6 July 2009 and originaly was made up from one state (the Presidents house). Since then more states have been formed increasing the population and size of the nation. In only the firsth 26 days of its existence, it was: taking part in the micronational games, making many foreign relations, become widly recognised as a nation and waiting for a reply from the british government for independence.
The Nation has a Facebook, Bebo and Youtube page. It hopes that by the end of 2010 it becomes as recognisable as Sealand, this goal has been set by the President and is currently undergoing. The capital, Varcetia City, hopes to be twinned the capital of Landashir - Sycamore-Booker.

From October 2009-September 2010 Varcetia was in a state of inactivity due to conflicts between the government. In September 2010 the government stabalised and Varcetia once again became an active nation with the party and leader, Henry Wilkinson, still in power. New diplomatic relations have been made and everything has been declared 'back to normal' by the president.

Goverment and Politics

The nation is lead by the Presidentary system, where by every year a new president is elected by the citizens. The current President is founder Henry Wilkinson. The next presidential elections are on 29 December 2009. Once the votes are counted, the new President steps into office on 1 January 2010.

As there are a small number of citizens, the government is lead by one person, the president who takes the jobs of, foreign affairs minister, head of state, public relations etc.

Land and Territory


The land claimed by Varcetia is made up from 3 houses all owned by the 3 citizens. The houses are closely scattered around the south coast of England. The total area of the nation is 0.0015625 square miles (Estimation only).


Varcetia is landlocked by the UK and consists of 3 estates.These estates make the 3 States:

  • Varcetia City (Largest and Capital)
  • Arno
  • Coll (Smallest)


Varcetia Islands are two islands located in the north of Antarctica that have been claimed by Varcetia. These Two islands are:

  • Sandor Island
  • Coeman Island

Antarctic Claims

On August 1, 2009, Varcetia claimed two islands off the north coast of Antarctica. Both islands are uninhabitable making it acceptable to claim. These two new islands make 2 unofficial states in Varcetia. The reason for the claim is to enlarge the Varcetian Empire, similar claims may be made in the future but only on unclaimed land. These islands are:

Name Size Date claimed
Sandor Island 3.4 km2 01/08/09
Coeman Island 1.85 km2 01/08/09

Sandor Island

Sandor island is the largest of the two claims and is a large piece of land frozen over in the nothern part of Antarctica. Sandor Island was previously unclaimed, and uninhabited. It is currently the largest claim made by Varcetia and is the largrest piece of land in the Varcetian Empire. Sandor Island alone is 500 times bigger than the original Varcetia Empire.

Coeman Island

Coeman Island is the smallest of the two Antarctic claims and is a large piece of land that is frozen over in the northern part of Antarctica. Coeman Island was previously unclaimed, and uninhabited. Coeman Island is 250x bigger than the original Varcetian Empire.


2009 Micronational Games

The Republic of Varcetia will be competing at the 2009 Micronational Games. At these games the nation will be competing in 8 of the 8 sports. As Varcetia is entering all 8 sports, the nation is predicted to come within the top 8 nations, this prediction will most probably change as the games come closer and more nations join. The citizens who are participating in the games have been training and are now champions on the website, this is set to send the team into the top 8 after the games have finished.


The estimated GDP of Varcetia is £616 (V1,239) by the end of 2009. The Exchange rate with the British Pound is currently £1.00 = V2.01

The GDP of 2010 was £1,345 (V2,708) over double the prevous years. The predictied 2011 GDP is set to be over triple the 2009 forecast



The nation of Varcetia has voted for there to be no army of military in the country. This means that it hasn't and won't ever participate in wars unless absolutley necessary. There is how ever a small back up army which only comes to power if the nations saftey code goes to red.

Saftey Codes

The codes are:

  • Green-No Threat
  • Blue-Minor Threat
  • Yellow-Threat
  • Orange-At War
  • Red-National Panic and Attack

The highest recorded theat has been on Code Blue during the first week of existence.


The Republic of Varcetia is the founding nation of the Intermicronational Organization United World Micronations.


Varcetia has a small range of cultures. Its citizens are all involved with YouTube and often post videos onto the site. In theatre, many citizens have produced and starred in plays such as Shakespere and Stage Productions.


There are a small bunch of TV shows made in Varcetia which are hosted by YouTube.

Many popular shows and specials have been released by the Varcetian TV Company (VTVC) with a total of 409,000 views on YouTube.

One of the biggest and most successful Varcetian shows is 'The Comedy Show'

The Comedy Show (2009-????)

The Comedy Show is a Varcetian Sketch show originally produced from 2009-2010. The show is made up from 10-15 sketches per episode all of which were written by Henry Wilkinson. Each episode lasts 10 minutes and stars Henry Wilkinson and Jay Collins. Series 1 of the show was released on YouTube and consisted of 6 episodes. Although the show was extremely popular, its ratings were low. The first series took 12 months to make and a second series, although not yet contracted, has been considered for release in late 2011 with a new cast member.

5 episodes of Series 1 are currently avaliable in the original WMV format yet episode 6 was lost during editing and accidentally wiped from the VTVC archives. Although clips and stills remain, the full episode is believed to have survived yet the where abouts of the episode is unknown ans thus classed as missing.

With the search for episode 6 ongoing, the first 5 episodes of Series 1 are set to be released on DVD in the early months of 2011 with special features such as commentry, deleted sketches, stills, behind the scenes, trailers and interviews.

Series 1


Written By

Running Time


Episode 1

Henry Wilkinson & Jay Collins

Henry Wilkinson


WMV Colour

Episode 2

Henry Wilkinson & Jay Collins

Henry Wilkinson


WMV Colour

Episode 3

Henry Wilkinson & Jay Collins

Henry Wilkinson


WMV Colour

Episode 4

Henry Wilkinson & Jay Collins

Henry Wilkinson


WMV Colour

Episode 5

Henry Wilkinson & Jay Collins

Henry Wilkinson


WMV Colour

Episode 6

Henry Wilkinson & Jay Collins

Henry Wilkinson




In theatre all 3 of the citizens have produced and starred in shows such as A Midsummer Nights Dream, Robin Hood, Bugsy Malone, Robin Hood and Idols.


The music of Varcetia is popular with other micronations and in the UK. The musician Henry Wilkinson released Varcetia's

first album entitled, 'The Sound of Failier' which featured the song, 'Tea Stained Carpet'. The album went straight to number 1 in the Varcetian Album Charts and stayed at the top spot for 9 weeks. The single 'Tea Stained Carpet' was number 1 in Varcetia and Number 4 in the micronation Wilkland.

The single, 'Tea Staind Carpet' has also been selected to feature in the Microvision Song Contest 2011.


  • Foundation Day: 16 July
  • President Day: 14 February
  • 1st Bank Holiday: 13 June
  • 2nd Bank Holiday: 11 November

Alliances and Foreign Affairs


Varcetia is proud to be allied with:

Nation Date of alliance
Feeland 10 July 2009
Wilkland 12 July 2009
Slinky Empyre July 13, 2009
Crown Principality of Landashir 15 July 2009
Republic of Suidae Freedom 29 July 2009
Nemkhavia 3 August 2009
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis 9 August 2009
The Fox Islands' Nation 10 August 2009
The Empire of Progle 11 August 2009
Republic of Patetopia 11 August 2009
Murrayfield 18 August 2009
The Repiblic of Danesland 18 October 2009

Foreign Affairs

So far the nation is allied with 13 nations. All alliances have been confirmed by leaders of both nations. The strongest relation with a nation by Varcetia is with Wilkland. This strong relation is partially because the two micronations border each other.