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The Iberian Union is a subdivision of the European Union of Micronations.(EUM) Union Micronational Europea (UME). The Iberian Union is also a Sub division of Unio Mundi.

The official languages if the Iberian Union are Spanish, Portuguese and Esperanto. (Catalan, Gallego, Basque might be added later if there are micronations claiming one of these as official language.) Although for the surpose that this webpages site is the English page, all information has been translated in to English. (Daniel-Land announced that it wanted to add English and Danian (the conlang of Daniel-Land) to be official in the Iberian Union soon. (This will however have to be voted on in the Iberian parlement since there are not Latin in origin.)

The Iberian Union oversees and is concerned with the economic, political, cultural, peace, and monitary isues of Micronations in the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish Micronations

The Templar Kingdom of Beaulosagñe supports the Treaty of Durango and wishes others to do so as well. Treaty of Durango

Board of Directors

Members - Miembros - Membros


The only requirement for being a member of the UI, is for the microntion to be located in the Iberian peninsula. (You may add your micronation to the list, or ask the secretary to do it for you.) No voting to become member is needed. But please add your flag and a link to your own webpage.


El único requisito para ser miembro de la UI es que la micronción esté ubicada en la península ibérica. (Puede agregar su micronación a la lista, o pedir al oficial que lo haga por usted). No es necesario votar para ser miembro. Pero agregue su bandera nacional y un enlace a su propia página web.


O único requisito para ser membro da interface do usuário é que o microntion seja localizado na península Ibérica. (Você pode adicionar sua micronação à lista ou pedir ao secretário que faça isso por você.) Não é necessário votar para se tornar membro. Mas adicione sua bandeira e um link para sua própria página da web.