Treaty of Durango

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The Treaty of Durango has assumed the task to stop the deterioration of the Spanish micronationalism and will provide means for a change of course making micronations again flourish and be an alternative to the macrostate undeniable. For this, the partners undertake to confer with the Covenant means to describe the first steps to building a response intermicronational orderly and mature, it has the importance of walking together towards the restoration of micronationalism in Spain.

The talk Located on 17 September 2009 and November 11, 2009 were used to fit together what went wrong that made us fall with the crisis. The collective sense of micronationalism has been that the actions of individuals into non-productive and harmful to micronationalism allowed the enemies of micronationalism total input in our work culture and dismantle our project.

The Covenant of Durango has more than 100 propositions set of partners, being a general historical alliance to encourage independence and micronationalism in Spanish society. The Covenant applies the associated agreements, and continue to operate, showing the results from each coterie. Bids are to have reasoned so far in practical and friendly support for agents and micronationalism investment protection, prevention of financial and budgetary and eventually progress to the legislation and pass over the potential trouble that can be addressed in micronations.

Practices investment column

The Treaty of Durango presents a set of instructions guessing generous support to investment capital, guiding available micronations a market in which to achieve large profits and also help support the Spanish micronationalism.

Fair in support of micronationalism

The Covenant of Durango is the largest historic willingness to issue micronationalism ideas micronationalism and, above all, to conquer global alliances. Through the rocks where anyone decides independently raises and considers extending the voice of any person. Similarly through the Covenant itself, which displays a place where all are registered to know the thoughts.

Provisions for the protection of professional

The crisis ended with the physical block, destroyed micronations employment had been generated in the last 6 years. In this context, the Covenant of Durango fits immediate steps to support the professionals, who are those micronationalism trained lawyer and graduate of any university in the former Block micronations Factor: Federation of Micronations Iberian, Ebro Republic, Republic of Saarland Republic of Aquitaine, Hellenistic Soviet Union, Senatorial Republic of Timeria. In this section also includes a voluntary basis the German Democratic Republic (GDR). As of 2012, Ebro and Aquitaine are protectorate prinicipalities within the Templar Kingdom

Support to those who ventured micronational education collected in the two inaugural gatherings of the Covenant allows the recognition of academic qualifications made in the old micronations peninsular and the possibility to extend with more micronational education qualifications.

This covenant agglomerate all the improvements in the table are intermicronacional symposium brought forth to give support to education and its recognition and firmness.

Capital and budgetary provisions

The Covenant of Durango collect the embodiments of disposition ordered, the micron to supply Spain fluidity harboring the banking system to the occasional extraordinary occurrences that are sprouting imbalance in times of crisis.

The provisions are outlined in global adoption and not admit any cost to residents of micronations, undertake conclusive aim to restore the credit through to the citizenry and businesses. Also, for the first time in the history of Iberian micronationalism, germinates Base Surety Settlement, which clothe the possible loss of capital if any resident has capital bankrupt entity, defraying the administrative fund a sum of 10,000 euros per head and entity, to strengthen the safety of residents in the banking system.

'Innovation of the U'sufruct

The Covenant of Durango is consumed with a hopeful folder innovations for adaptation of the economy. Specific rules that will optimize the performance of basic plots and exports, food, energy, telegraph communications, reinforcements and the government. Since incurring the salvation of fertility is the best way to save a life progression. These provisions are additional to those implicit in the government of each micronation, agglomeration in Spain of a Common Intermicronacional Diplomacy for increased agility and employment.

The pact will interact on a desk with trade union and corporate actors to innovations covered in this section.