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European Union of Micronations
TypeEconomic and Political
41 members
Official language
Secretary General
Eugenio II, Templar Kingdom
High Chancellor
Vice Chancellor

The European Union of Micronations is an economic and political union consisting of 41 members.


June 2011 - Jan 2013

On the 11th of June, the micronational version of the European Union was founded by the Dale Empire and the Grand Barony of Voltar. The next day the first treaty was released, and thereafter a current treaty for the European Union (Micronational) was released.

On the 21st King Danny Clarke offered Emperor Felix I from the Empire of Arboria to join the EUM from eastern Europe and they accepted the offer to become a member of the EUM and the first member from mainland Europe, eastern Europe and the first Polish micronation to be a member of the EUM.

Not long after the creation of the European Union(Micronational) the Dale Empire, Voltar and Empire of Arboria moved from Wikia to MicroWiki while leaving the European Union(Micronational) behind. The micronations later created the Triple Alliance on July 28, 2011, later to become the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organisation or IMTO.

Jan 2013 - June 2014

With the collapse of the headship of the union, HRH Prince Eugenio II took it upon himself to revitalize the union by taking over the presidency. HRH Prince Eugenio II renamed the presidency to the secretary, to indicate that no (Micro)nation is above, or more valued then, another. All are equal, All are distinct and diverse. Only in unity, our goals shall be reached. Since no one has contested, HRH Prince Eugenio II has taken over of the provisional presidency, no elections will be held until, such time that a contestant speaks up, and would want the seat of secretary, then elections will be held.

November 2017

As of November 2017, the EUM has 25 member states And is currently still active through its Facebook Group.

June 2020

As of 30. June 2020 the EUM has 29 member states and is still growing.

April 2021

As of April 14, 2021, EUM has 32 member states.


We aim :

  • To Invite other European Micronations to join EUM.
  • To prevent war between micronations.
  • To outlaw child labor.
  • To outlaw slave labor.
  • To establish human rights, civil rights, civil liberties, political freedoms, freedom of the press, freedom of press movement and freedom from censorship.
  • To Change the world to make it a better place.
  • To Connect Nations to each other.
  • ​To reduce poverty in Europe.
  • ​To Support other nations in peace.
  • To ​Create Freedom of speech and religion.
  • To ​Maintain Neutrality.
  • To welcome new micronations to the world scene.
  • To improve cultural co-operation between micronations.
  • To Maintain Peace between micronations.
  • To get international recognition.
  • To set a European standard minimum labor wage.
  • To establish a European monetary fund for micronations (Pulam republic initiative).

Rules of membership

  • Art. 1.1: The nation must claim real land in Europe, besides fictional or on other planets, or on the moon. (real land even as small as 1 square meter.)
    • Art 1.2: Nations Primary Territory (Including its Capital) must be located in Europe
    • Art 1.3: Nation must have been created in Europe
    • Art 1.4: Nation`s Head of State has to reside in Europe
  • Art. 2.1EUM does’t recognize nations who claim territory belonging to other EUM nations.
  • Art. 3.1: That they are not currently involved in a micronational war. After the war is over, it can apply for membership
  • Art. 4.1:  If EUM discovers that a recognized nation is violating human rights, and does not respect the universal freedoms, EUM will expel that nation from EUM after having been warned once.
  • Art. 5.1If EUM discovers that a member nation is guilty of the use of illegal internet activities (hacking and viruses), then EUM will immediately expel that nation from EUM no warning being given.

if a nation fulfills these requirements, it does not need to apply, its membership is automatically accepted and it can add its name to the list below.

Member states

As a member of EUM we ask you to invite other micronations located in Europe, to join the EUM so the EUM will have more influence in Europe, and the power to help and aid all European micronations to attain their goal of being recognized nations in Europe.

Flag State Constitutional name(s) Joined Population Currency Capital Language From Head of State Head of Government
Templar Kingdom

United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail 1 June 2013 800+ Sovereign Templar Crown Peñiscola


Spain (ES)

Portugal (PT)

Eusata Great Empire of Eusata 1 April 2013 12 Eutah Eustia



Bengisu Sultan
Sariskya Republic of Sariskya 12 April 2013 13 Eutah Sarinarta English UK
President Alex Sherburn
Great Britannia United Kingdom of Great Britannia 12 April 2013 1 £UK Chelmsford English UK
King George VI
Glagolia Glagolithic Empire 13 May 2013 8 HRK Myslite Croatian


Emperor Lex IV
Principality of Regerin Principality of Regerin 14 May 2013 12 Negrillo (₦) Kalmarburg Bablian Spanish Regerinian Spain Prince Michael I Prime Minister Friedrich Homstead
Lyonesse Principality of Lyonesse 18 May 2013 493 Lyon Estelleton English,


Prince Lothian I
Viadalvia Federal Republic of Viadalvia 21 July 2013 46 Alenkandar Eustia En / Du /Via NL President Shady Morsi Prime Minister Timo Vink
Leylandiistan Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan 10 November 2013 18 Leylandiistan Lira Maple Hill Gaeilge,

English, French

Keltsvia Republic of Keltsvia 10 November 2013 N/A Keltsvian ruble Keltsvia City Labwese Russia and Belarus
President Josefu Zritzsinu
Thracia The People's Republic of Thracia 21 November 2013 B/A Micro Euro Currency (M€C) Istanbul English TR
Prime Minister Lucio Vicus
Scotannaea The Republic of Scotannaea 22 November 2013 1,641,287 Scotan Relua Clares English,

Cornish, Scotan Grelic (de facto)

UK President Jeremy Kloth Prime Minister Jack Booth
Albekistan Democratic People's Albek Republic 23 November 2013 9 Albek Hadat Albekia Albek, English, Turkmen, Arabic UK
Premier Alexei Orlov
Saxonistan Federal Kingdom of Saxonistan 24 November 2013 15 Dray Pound Bourne English UK King Thomas I Prime Minister Prince Christofer
Jera Empire Constitutional Monarchy of the Jera Empire 14 December 2013 30 US Dollar District of Jera English ICL
& UK
Emperor Jeremy Kloth President Jack Booth
Pulam Republic of Pulam 22 December 2013 5 Pulam Pulamska Virovitica English, Croatian Croatia
President Tin Gelenčer
Vetria Republic of Vetria 27 December 2013 11,322 Vetrian Lira (₤) Vetria City Italian, Vetrian, Irish Gaelic, Modenese Italy
President Filippo Pradelli
Akebar Republic of Akebar 27 December 2013 43 (territorial)
5 (registered)
GBP  Akebar English, Pyuis UK
President Martin Garside
Princedom of Aysellant Princedom of Aysellant 30 December 2013 39 Besant Ayselbork Russian, Aysellantean, English Russia? Prince Andreas Princess Nadia
Myrotania Empire of Myrotania 9 March 2014 8 GBP (£) Myrotania English, Esperanto UK
Armeniers Socialist Republic of Armeniers 14 June 2014 N/A Armeniers Ruble Grande Terre English/French France
Archland Archland Empire 20 June 2014 37 Archland Dollar English UK
King Wallace
Befshire The Kingdom of Befshire 10 November 2017 4 English UK King Kai I Prime minister Jake evans
Andany Principality of Andany 2 January 2018 8 Andanian Regal District of Floriano French, Spanish, Italian, English Italy
East Evinsa Federal Republic of East Evinsa 10 May 2020 MicroEuro East Noelamsterdam Turkish, English, Greek
Zubey Kingdom of Zubey 7 October 2020 10 Ire Teus Austrian Austria
Scoria Republic of Scoria 30 June 2020 17 Scorian Buck Riverstown English, German, Irish Ireland
Uachtarán R.M. Grainger
Revalia Revalian Kingdom 20 November


17 Revalian Livre Trumpetburgh Estonian Estonia Regent Sander Koff Prime Minister Sander Koff
Littoria Republic of Littoria 10 January 2021 10 119 Lira Littoria (L) Morterone Italian, Latin Italy
Consul Menabue Matias
Hilbert Dimension Republic of Hilbert Dimension 14.04.2021 14 Nex, Euro€ Malaja Slovak, English Slovakia
Ekologiema Presidential Republic of Ekologiema 20.04.2021 155,688 Comradian Monero Ĉefurbo English, Esperanto Switzerland W.I.P. W.I.P.
Republic of Iugland Absolute Monarchy Friday 13.08. 2021 7 Iugland-Pound Templumia Slovak, Czech,French,Engish Czechia Tobias Augustus
Balkania United Balkan Republic December 29, 2021 11 Balkan Dollar,UBD Istanbul English Balkans Maci the Second
Villoria Federal Republic of Villoria 10 April 2022 13 Villorian Tyzen Yasmine Villorian, English UK Zoe Jay
Viridia Fidecratic Republic of Viridia 20 February 2021 5 Euro Prateria City Italian Italy President Alex Kirk President Alex Kirk
Dascalia Kingdom of Dascalia December 2022 5 Rickrollbuck Dascalia City Romanian Romania King DS
Breve Breve Empire 24th September 2022 83 Pound Breve Imperial Capital English UK High Council High Government
File:Quantum Flag.png Quantum Quantum Kingdom 11th June 2023 444 none Vert-Forêt French France (FR) King Ash Théo Verdero
Thulia Republic of Thulia 27 June 2023 7 Swedish krona
Polish złoty
El castillo del gato Swedish
Sweden President Svante Axelsson
Opaty Praesidium Opaty 24 July


9 MicroEuro Eulenburg German HR, RS King Oscar I.
Redinia Republic of Redinia 26 February 2023 910 Birddollar New Bird Town English North Macedonia Red Bird Chuck
Rasoland Republic of Rasoland 23 February 2023 164 Euro

Anerkannte Zustände

All micronations that claim real land anywhere in Europe, are automatically recognized as a (micro) nation by the EUM.

Structure of the EUM

The European Security Council

The European Security Council (ESC) forms the EUM's governing core in the capital of East Evinsa; East Noelamsterdam. One political member of each of the member states has the right to speak for the council to decide together. This council checks if the member countries are reliable and real.Get in contact with the Secretary-General if something is wrong with a member country. This council also has a duty which is to contact the member states to increase the communication and the network between micronations. Also to encourage and invite other European micronations to join.

The European Justice Council

The justice council is the governing body in the capital of East Evinsa ; East Noelamsterdam. Council aims to be an opportunity for citizens of EUM to get in contact with their country if their nation is violating human rights and does not respect the universal freedoms or if their nation is guilty of the use of illegal internet activities (hacking and viruses) . The European Justice Council interview the head of the member nation and examine the case (to figure out if the country is guilty or not , after the decision if the nation is guilty for breaking the rule(s) of membership, EUM will expel that nation from EUM after having been warned once.

High Chancellor

Oversees the meetings and appoints each turn of the invited speaker. Oversees that the debates follow a professional and respectful order of turns.

Vice Chancellor


The position of secretary-general is merely an administrative function. The secretary-general updates and organizes the EUM page and enters the (new) info. His position does not expire, nor does he need to be elected/re-elected, for he is just the one who organizes and updates the page.


(High/Vice)Chancellor positions are for one-year terms, after which a (High/Vice)Chancellor can be re-elected, up to four times in a row. After a 4 year term, the (High/Vice)Chancellor must step down. But can be re-elected after a year of repose.

International currency

MicroEuro ©

The EUM does not propose to introduce an international currency for its members since there are already two international currencies out there: the Micro Euro Currency (M€C) and the Micro. If a nation wanted to join an international currency they could join either one of these two. No nation will be forced to join, nor does the EUM recommend one international currency over the other. This is entirely up to the government of the member nation to decide. (Although it would make sense for a micronation located in the Eurozone to adopt the MicroEuro, since the MicroEuro would be by default 1M€ = 1€, and same wise it would make sense for a micronation located outside the Eurozone to adopt the Micro; recommended peg for the Micro would be 1M = 1$US).

What the EUM would recommend is that the local micronation currencies of member nations are pegged to a known currency, so the EUM is able to calculate it's worth within the currency community.

Current Pegs:

Here you can find an international currency converter:


The EUM does not enforce any member nation to accept to form free trade agreements with other EUM members, rather the EUM encourages members to have fair trade agreements between each other. No the less, trade agreements, are agreements made, between individual nations. The EUM does not intervene in this and does not consider this a European matter. The national sovereignty, in this case, takes precedence.

This issue may be re-addressed again in May 2023!

Avalon Agreement

Since there were not enough votes, supporting the Avalon agreement, it has not become an all EUM members agreement, like the Schengen agreement. (this plan has now been shelved.) The Avalon agreement, however, is not dead. It has become the passport travel agreement between the Templar Kingdom and Lyonesse only. No other nations have Avalon agreement rights in either The Templar Kingdom or Lyonesse. Citizens of all other nations will need valid passport and visas to enter Avalon Agreement nations.

  • The Templar Kingdom... supports/agrees to (the Avalon Agreement) stipulation: [entry with valid passport/but no border-crossing visa is needed for Avalon Agreement nations only] all other nations need a valid border-crossing visa [cost: 1(╬) ] HolyLand (talk) 21:27, May 28, 2013 (UTC)
    • Union Beaulosagñese member nations, are Avalon Agreement members by default and do not need Valid Visa to enter the Templar Kingdom.
  • Lyonesse... supports/agrees to (the Avalon Agreement) stipulation: [entry with valid passport/but no border-crossing visa is needed for Avalon Agreement nations only] Lothian 1 (talk) 22:08, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

This issue will not be re-addressed!

Covid 2020 issue

In this time of concern (that nations have concerning Covid-19), the EUM is not going to make central rules for all EUM nations. The individual/independent micronations can make their own decisions on the matter.

For one, the Templar Kingdom is not installing any measures to restrict the movement of its citizens or forcing its citizen to have to wear a mask and follows in this, the example set by Sweden. (going for herd immunity). Templar Kingdom citizens that want to wear a mask because they are in the risk group, are urged to wear an FDA approved one, not just any flimsy piece of cloth. Other micronations might want to do a different approach on the issue and that is their sovereign right. On neither of these to perspectives, the EUM will have an opinion.

Identical flag issue

Voting has closed, and no one voted in favor of identical flags being allowed. (3 voted against and one abstained from voting.) Therefore it has come to pass, that even though a nation can choose to have any flag it likes, (the EUM will not interfere in local politics) the EUM will not recognise the flag as an official inside the EUM. Also, the EUM has come to an agreement that, an ever so slight difference to a flag is recognized as a separate/distinguished flag.

Amendment Clause 1.1: The ruling by voting members, has become as follows, to use a flag of a UN Nation is fine, no problem, use it on your own homepage, and use it in your own diplomatic papers great, the EUM will respect it, but we can not post the identical flags in the registration of the EUM. that is it, that is all. It was felt by the EUM members, that if an identical (UN nation) flag can be used, what stops one from using a identical (EUM) member flag? None liked that idea.

Amendment Clause 1.1a: Identical flags to UN nations (only) is allowed, they even have the right to be raised in the EUM, to be registered in the EUM records, The only exception is on Micronational flags, of these no identical flags is allowed. (unless the provincial flag is the same as the national flag)

This issue may be re-addressed again in May 2022!

Sovereign territory

Every member of the EUM, must respect (and not claim territory part of) another micronations/member-state territory. New members who would like to join the EUM may only lay claim to territory not belonging to another micronation. Any micronation who claims territory belonging to an already existing/older micronation must relinquish, his claim, if not, the proposed member can not join the union. Territory claims are based on who has laid claim to the contested territory, first. Whether the micronation was/is/or wants to be a member of the EUM is irrelevant; the oldest claim will stand.

Amendment Clause 1.1:
All micronations claiming 'world' or 'galactic' domination are automatically not recognized by the EUM and can not apply for membership in the EUM,  unless the world dominance claim is dropped.

This issue may be re-addressed again in May 2023!

Awards and Decorations of the EUM

Cross Fighter Europe

Cross Fighter Europe is a military decoration awarded to services rendered by veterans of Europe and their allies who have not failed to honor a soldier and anxious to avoid future generations the suffering and horrors of war, pledge to work together to build a united Europe and the defense of civilization and freedom.

Service Medal of the European Security and Defence

Service Medal of the European Security and Defence of the Chancellor of EUM

Service Medal of the European Security and Defence is a medal which has fontion reward civil and military services during crisis management operations carried out under the auspices of the Union. It is equally awarded to nationals of the nation EUM or nations outside the EU.

"EExit" Policy of East Evinsa

EExit Policy From The EUM refers to policy of East Evinsa to leave the union which is prepared after ignorance of the union towards serious cases and violations in the fields of universal freedoms and civil rights.

On 10 May 2020, East Evinsa became an official member of European Union of Micronations. Celebrations across the whole micronation took place, schools -such as 10th may European High School- and streets named after this event. East Evinsa Ministry of Foreign Affairs got a lot of attention from the whole citizens. Citizens of East Evinsa celebrated this historical moments through an online meeting between federal areas and mainland due to COVID-19 measures taken by the Ministry of Health.

After a few weeks from membership, a case brought to the National Supreme Court located in the East Noelamsterdam and after the investigation held by the East Evinsa Ministry of Justice, government found guilty by the investigators because of violating civil rights, universal freedoms and citizenship rights of a citizen. Even the Justice Council of the European Union of Micronations is located in the East Noelamsterdam, East Evinsa is still responsible to report the case to the leaders of the union. Besides, citizens also asked and applied to the council to report the situation as well as government did. East Evinsa Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported the cases and criminal records to the union many times as planned in order to ask for help, guidance and suggestions to solve the conflict regarding rights violations which increase day by day. National authorities also mention that because of the serious and dangerous factors they were unable to provide the required services and those factors are external so can not be solved by government.

After months and months, no one from the Europen Union of Micronations replied or had any statement regarding to this urgent situation. East Evinsa Ministry of Justice stated that according to the current rules of the union, violation towards universal freedoms is illegal within the whole member countries. Despite of the law and rules, no one investigated or replied to the national authorities of East Evinsa in order to bring a solution for the problem.

This case obviously shows that the union violated its own rules as well citizens priorities for the freedom because of this, East Evinsa formed a policy regarding exiting from the membership but the authorities are not sure about the policy since no one from the union still knows that it is a really great and urgent deal for citizens across the East Evinsa.

More info

Our website on Facebook: [1]