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MicroEuro or Micro Euro (M€ - MIE) is an intermicronational currency which is designed in 2013 by European Micronational Bank of European Union of Micronations.


International currency

MicroEuro © The EUM (European Union of Micronations) does not propose to introduce an international currency for its members, since there are already 2 international currencies out there: the Micro Euro Currency (M€C) en the Micro. If a nation would want to join an international currency they could join either one of these two. No nation will be forced to join, nor does the EUM recommend one international currency over the other. This is entirely up to the government of the member nation to decide. (Although it would make sence for a micronation located in the Eurozone to adopt the MicroEuro (since the MicroEuro would be by default 1M€ = 1€ ) and samewise it would make sence for a nation located outside the Eurozone to adopt the Micro.) recommanded peg for the Micro would be 1M = 1$US.

What the EUM would recommend is that the local micronation currencies of member nations are pegged to a known currency, so the EUM is able to calculate it's worth with in the currency community.

Current micronational pegs

1 Bartonian Krono = 0.50€
1 Andanian Regal (§ REG) = $2 USD
1 Negrillo (₦) = 1.50€
1 Scorian Buck (฿)= 0.51€
1 Rabenberg Crown = 50 European Cents
1 Leylandiistan Lira = 0.25€

here you can find an international currency converter: http://mncindex.com/