Federal Republic of Villoria & Fleetland

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Federal Republic of Villoria and Fleetland
Kuzhydsh Auvukfd u Mshdf ei Flniava (Villorian)
Vilorij em Fleedlaan Liitabarvik (Fleetish)
Coat of arms
Anthem: The Patriotic Song
Largest cityJhkara
Official languagesVillorian, Fleetish, English
Demonym(s)Villorian, Fleetak
GovernmentFederal presidential republic under a multi-party system
Establishment12 May 2018
Time zone(UTC)

The Federal Republic of Villoria and Fleetland (Villorian: Kuzhydsh Auvukfd u Mshdf ei Flniava, Fleetish: Vilorij em Fleedlaan Liitabarvik) more commonly known as Villoria, and formerly Villorpestan, is a micronation in Europe which was founded on May 12, 2018. As of December 11, 2021, Villoria is not recognised by any other nation, disregarding micronational recognition.

Villoria is a Federal presidential republic, under a multi-party system. And, since 2024, has been ruled by president Tristain Wilson under the Liberal Workers Party. The federation has two capital cities, Yasmine (Villoria) and Wassen (Fleetland).


The first government, the Kingdom of Villorpestan, was founded on May 12, 2018. This, unfortunately, did not last long. As, one month later on June 14, 2018, the Government was overthrown and replaced with a one-party soviet socialist republic (known as the Union of Villorian Soviet Socialist Republics). Under the rule of the Villorian Communist Party, the first Passports were distributed. As were the first items of currency. This lasted until August 2021, where the republic collapsed and was replaced by the current Federal Republic. After this, many laws were reversed (such as the ban on right-leaning political parties). Resulting in the nation we know today.

On August 14th 2023, the Väslig language- primarily spoken by people from Fleetland (Väslig: Flotelanda) was made an official language of the nation. In addition to this, on 20th February 2024 the minority language of Fleetish was recognised as a regonal language, also spoken by people from Fleetland in the municipality of Flevoia.

On May 6th 2024, the Väslig language was officially declared extinct by the Federal Institute of Villorian-Fleetish Languages, therefore being removed as an official language.

On the same day, the Tyzen was replaced by the Euro as the official currency, and the country officially renamed to the Federal Republic of Villoria and Fleetland, following a month-long dispute stemming from Fleetish nationalists- resulting in the resignation of President Roxanne C.


Villoria is mostly swampland, making up 90% of the nations landmass. It can be attributed to its 7 km long coastline on the North Sea. The rest of the nation is mostly farmland, grasslands and woodlands.

It also has a territory on the island of Cyprus.


Villoria is one of the only nations in the world to not have an active military force, as the Western-European region is relatively safe.


Villoria-Fleetland has 4 parties, with 3 currently represented in Parliament.

Parties currently represented in Parliament

Colour Logo Party name Founded Ideology Political position Leader MPs
Liberal Workers Party

Dshiukfd Tsshchkluki Zfken

2022 Liberalism

Ecopolitics Pro-Europeanism

Centre-left Tristain Wilson
6 / 10
Green Party


2018 Environmentalism


Left-wing James Davidson
3 / 10
Conservative Party

Comnveri Partei

2021 Conservatism Right-wing Kasmen Ybivok
1 / 10
N/A Fleetlandic People's Parrty

Fleedlaanei Volikxpartije

2024 Fleetlandic Independence Far-left Unknown
0 / 10