Liberal Workers Party

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Liberal Workers Party
LeaderTristain Wilson
Founded08 April 2022
IdeologyLiberalism, Pro-Europeanism, Ecopolitics
Political positionCentre-left
Colours  Gold
Seats in the Parliament of Villoria
6 / 10

The Liberal Workers Party (Villorian: Dshiukfd Tsshchkluki Zfken) is a political party, which is currently the ruling party of the Federal Republic of Villoria. It is a merger of the Labour Party and the Party of Villorian Liberals. The merger was completed on April 8, 2022. Becoming the largest party in the country after just a day of existence.

Electoral record


Election Party candidate % Result
Nov. 2022 Zoe Jay65% checkY Elected
Apr. 2024 Tristain Wilson 42% checkY Elected


Election Party leader Seats +/– % Position Government
Jan. 2023 Roxanne C.
5 / 10

(New Party)

50% 1st Government
Jan. 2024 Tristain Wilson
6 / 10
1 60% 1st Government