Zoe Jay

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Her Excellency
Zoe Jay
Yashchu Ofn

2nd President of Villoria
In office:
20th November 2020 - 17th February 2023
Vice President Hayden English
Predecessor Matt Costa
Successor Roxanne C

Leader of the Liberal Workers Party
In office:
8th April 2022 - 17th February 2023
Predecessor Position established
Successor Roxanne C

Leader of the Labour Party
in office:
21st December 2018 - 8th April 2022
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished

Leader of the Opposition
In office:
5th May 2019 - 20th November 2020
Predecessor Position established
Successor Matt Costa
Born Lincolnshire, England
 United Kingdom
Nationality British
Political party Liberal Workers Party

Zoe Jay is a Villorian politician who served as the 2nd President of Villoria between 2020 and 2023, and leader of the Liberal Workers Party until 2023. She was also Leader of the Labour Party from 2018 until its merger in 2022. She was the first bisexual president of Villoria, and the first transgender president in the nations history.



Zoe Jay describes hersef as a Liberal and Environmentalist. She founded the Labour Party, which was the ruling party of Villoria from 2020 until 2022, when it merged into the Liberal Workers Party.

Election Results


Election Party % Result
Nov. 2018 Independent 0% ☒N Lost
Nov. 2020 Labour Party85% checkY Elected
Nov. 2022 Liberal Workers Party 65% checkY Elected


Election Party % Seats +/– Position Government
Jun. 2018 Independent 0%
0 / 10
N/A N/A Opposition
Jan. 2019 Labour Party 0%
1 / 10
1 2nd
Jan. 2021 50%
4 / 7
5 1st Government
Jan. 2022 80% N/C
Jan. 2023 Liberal Workers Party TBD
5 / 7