2020 Villorian presidential election

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2020 Villorian presidential election
← 2018 08 November 2020 2022 →
Nominee Zoe Jay Matt Costa
Party Labour Party Communist Party of Villorpestan
Home state East Yasmine Haynea
Running mate Hayden English James Davidson
Percentage 85% 15%

President before election

Matthew Costa
Communist Party of Villorpestan

Elected President

Zoe Jay
Labour Party

The 2020 Villorian presidential election was a presidential election, held in the Union of Villorian Soviet Socialist Republics on 8th of November 2020. It was the first, and only, democratic election in the USSV. As, the nation collapsed only a year later. It resulted in Zoe Jay winning the presidency, with 85% of the vote. The election is seen as the event which started the collapse of the USSV.