Labour Party (Villoria)

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Labour Party
LeaderZoe Jay
Founded21 December 2018
Dissolved08 April 2022
Succeeded byLiberal Workers Party
IdeologySocialism, Trotskyism, Pro-Europeanism
Political positionFar-left
Colours  Red
Party flag

The Labour Party (Дфищгк Зфкен Мшдщкнілшт) was a political party in the Federal Republic of Villoria. Founded in 2018, the party was founded upon the ideals of Socialism, Trotskyism, LGBT rights and Environmentalism. It was dissolved on April 8, 2022. After a deal with the Party of Villorian Liberals. And, merged into the Liberal Workers Party

Electoral record


Election Party candidate % Result
Nov. 2020 Zoe Jay85% checkY Elected


Election Party leader Seats +/– Position Government
Jan. 2019 Zoe Jay
1 / 10
1 2nd Opposition
Mar. 2022
5 / 10
N/C 1st Government