Socialist Republic of Armeniers

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Socialist Republic of Arméniers
Flag of Socialist Republic of Armeniers
Coat of arms of Socialist Republic of Armeniers
Coat of arms
Motto: United for a common goal / Unis pour un même but
CapitalGrande Terre
Official languagesEnglish/French
GovernmentSocialist Republic
• Leader
El Commandante
LegislatureConstitution of the Socialist Republic of Armeniers
Establishment13 June 2014
• Census
CurrencyArmeniers Rouble
Time zoneGMT+1

The Socialist Republic of Arméniers, colloquially known as Arméniers, is a micronation founded 13 June 2014 by El Commandante. The Socialist Republic boasts loan 9 small and "large" islands on the French Rhone. The capital "Grande Terre" is no more than 8 square kilometer and yet contains the basis of Marxist power of the republic. The nascent Republic has several projects such as the production of passports, part currencies, political and diplomatic exile those who wish, a national anthem and a communist constitution.


Legend has it that El Commandante that one day, walking at the edge of the Big Island of Oiselet, saw a bank at the end of the tip of the island. He then went to watch the river that separated the other side and reaches "Grande Terre". He quickly around this small island of 8 km square and decided to settle there. He then discovered the existence of a "Petite Terre" of only 800 sq m and installed a monument for those who fought for the oppressed peoples of the world. Thereafter, he decided to visit all empty and unoccupied around the island of Oiselet islands and even went to Lake Lionne order to explore poor rocks does not exceed 70 m square.

In addition to the legend, El Commandante decided to create a nation on these deserted islands and unoccupied France does not use so that theory does not interfere. He had always pronated community and humanity, and who had always blamed capitalism, free enterprise and management decided to create a Socialist Republic, ie a communist nation where everything is shared on these islands. With fièreté since June 13, 2014 (date of the national holiday), El Commandante leads with his commanders the Socialist Republic of Armeniers.

14 June 2014, the SRA joined the EUM and 15 June, the USM.

22 June 2014, the SRA adopted the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Armeniers

23 June 2014, the exploration of the Island of Lionne began, and the flag of the Republic is ready to put the tree of small island. That same day, El Commandante and Leviaten and began to explore and develop the capital Grande Terre, thus he discovered the small beach of the East, and discover old fishing facilities.

Government & Politics


The Socialist Republic of Armeniers has a fairly diversified economy. Indeed, it tries to be independent in agriculture to meet the needs of its population and remain independent from the rest of the world. But the nation, attempts through its international relations to create other types of economy (such as commerce, trade and industry).

The Republic has a currency of its own that allows its independent global level, it is called Armeniers Rouble.



There are various decorations Socialite Republic of Arméniers some official of the Republic and some are unofficial, but are part of the heritage of the Republic. The list is available here : Decorations of the Socialist Republic of Armeniers


The Socialist Republic of Arméniers is located on the river Rhône, and is composed of islands unused and often covered with vegetation or facilities socialist republic. It is composed of 9 islands and rocks.

- The capital "Grande Terre" is located to the south and is 8 square kilometer 

- "Petite Terre" is located loan "Grande Terre" and is 800 square meter 

- The island of Lestak is at the bottom of the island Engels, and is 1.5 square kilometer

- The island Engels is the largest island of the Republic, it is composed of water entry on its territory and allows the communist culture of the nation, it is 60 square kilometer 

- The island of Tonik is in the far north of the territory and is 300 square meter 

- The archipelago of the Lionne is located on Lake Lionne, and is composed of four rocks of which has a tree, ranging from 26 to 70 square meter

A global view of the nation with the capital in the South (the biggest one is "Grande Terre"
Grande Terre and Petite Terre (The Capital "Grande Terre" is the biggest one)

Foreign Relations

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