Kingdom of Zubey

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Kingdom of Zubey
Königreich Zubey

Flag of Zubey.png
Coast of Arms Zubey.png
Coat of arms

Although you are small, you can change the World
Preußen Gloria (de jure)
Zubey our Kingdom (de facto)
Zubey C.png
Zubey claims in dark green
Capital cityTeus
Largest cityTeus
Official language(s)Austrian
Official religion(s)Catholicism and Orthodoxy
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- ArchdukeArchduke Colin I.
- Prime MinisterFlorian Schleizer
- Chief Constable and Head of the MilitaryReinhard Prag
- Minister for AllAlexsander Batstein
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established14 May 1985
(as Mudor)
6 May 2015
(as Zubey)
Area claimed15.614,85 m²
Population10 humans
Time zoneUTC+1
National sportFootball
National drinkThe Zubey
National animalFox
Patron saintSt. Martin

Official Government Website

The Kingdom of Zubey (ger. Königreich Zubey) - The Micronation was first founded on 14 May 1985 by Adolf I. But in the year 2000 the Micronation was under occupied by the Kingdom of Mugel for 1 year. Until King Gerald II sold the Land back to Adolf I for 1000 Ire. Since this the Micronation was in debt. In the Year 2015 on the 6 May the Archduke resigned and gave it to his Son Colin I He changed many things in Mudor. First: He changed the name to The Kingdom of Zubey, Second: He dissolved the Army this brought the Nation out of debt. The Capital city is Teus.


Kingdom of Mudor

On 14 May 1985 Archduke Adolf I found the Country of Mudor in the Town of Leopoldsdorf im Marchfeld. It had good 5 year with out major problmes. Until the First Mudor and Mugel war on 5 April 1990. The Mugel Troops crosed the border and began to move to the Capital of Mudor. The Major battel were: The Battel of St. Atus, Battel of Rods (Today = Teus) and the Battel of Mugel (Capital of Mugel). The War ended in a Mudor Victory. In the treaty of Mugel. The Country of Mugel was needed to pay 200 Ire.

In the year of 1991 from May to August there was a economic crises and a hyperinflation. The Country was suddenly in debt. The Archduke prined more Money for 4 year. There unil today Banknotes in the Country of the Hyperinflation. After the Archduke stoped printing Money a normal Bread cost 500 Ire. It was like this until the second Mudor and Mugel war on 10 Dezember 1995.

This war was more like a phoney war. There were some fight but the most time they were just sitting and not doing much. This war was a week in a week. There was a Treaty but there was not much in this Treaty.

In the year 2000 there was the last war Mudor was at war with Mugel. This time Mudor was overrun by the Army of Mugel. In the Treaty was Mudor annexed by Mugel.

But in 2001 on the 1 May it got independence because King Gerald II. sold the Land back to Adolf I. The Country was in debt until the year 2015.

Kingdom of Zubey

On May 6 2015 the Archduke Adolf I resigned after 30 year. He gave the Nation to Colin I. He changed many things in Mudor. First: He changed the name to The Kingdom of Zubey, Second: He dissolved the Army this brought the Nation out of debt.

On the 24 January 2017 the Country bought some Land of Mugel.

On the 12 August 2020 are the 1st Zubey Prime Minister Election in Zubey's History. The Prime Minister elections are every two Month on the 12th. The elections results are on this page. The elections were won by Florian Schleizer and his Communist Party


Kingdom of Mudor

Date Population Percentual
14 May 1985 2
14 May 1987 5 +60%
14 May 1989 6 +16.67%
14 May 1991 6 0%
14 May 1993 8 +25%
14 May 1995 10 +20%
14 May 1997 11 +9,09%
14 May 1999 9 -18,18%

Kingdom of Zubey

Date Population Percentual
14 May 2001 7 -22,22%
14 May 2003 3 -57,14%
14 May 2005 3 0%
14 May 2007 1 -66,66%
14 May 2009 1 0%
14 May 2011 2 +50%
14 May 2013 3 +33,33%
14 May 2015 2 -33,33%
14 May 2017 2 0%
14 May 2019 6 66,66%
14 May 2020 6 0%



Sexual Orientation

In the Kingdom of Zubey you are free to have any sexual Orientation.

Sexual Orientation




Federal States

Armed forces

Military Forces

The Military was established on the 17th May of 2006

Secret Service

The Military Chef made a preposal on the 20th of November for a Secret Service for Zubey. The Preposal didn't make it to the National Assembly jet because of Covid-19. The next National Assembly meeting will be on the 20th of January.

National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January The first day of the Gregorian year.
Orthodox Christmas 7 January Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.
Easter and Easter Monday 4 April Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.
The Mudor National Day 14 May The celebration of the first Kingdom of Mudor
The Zubey National Day 6 May The celebration of the founding of Zubey
Mother's Day Second Sunday of May The celebration of all the Mother's
Father's day Second Sunday of June The celebration of all the Father's
King's Birthday 18 August The celebration of the Birth of the King.
Catholic Chrishmas 24 December Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

Foreign policy

Foreign relations


Recognised Micronations

Foreign relations




  • Flag of Austria.png Austria (Ambassador: Mario Knaus)

Governments and Heads of state and Head of Government not recognized

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