United States of Friendship

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United States of Friendship
Flag of Germania
Motto: "United we prosper, Divided we fall"
Anthem: Auferstander aus Ruinen
and largest city
Friendship City
Official languages
Recognised national languagesSpanish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentParliamentary socialist republic
• Volkspräsident
Ayane Martinez
LegislatureHouse of Representatives
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The United States of Friendship, more commonly known as Germania, is a micronation in the United States. The United States of Friendship Volkspräsident is Ayane Martinez who is currently serving their 2nd Term. It was founded in June of 2016. The official constitution was ratified on 17 December 2019.



The United States of Friendship was formed in June 2016 as the State of Friendship.

The One Day War

On 17 August 2019, the Republic of Floridia declared war on the State of Friendship over a matter of social policies. The State of Friendship won the conflict and the war was a major unifying moment where talks of a constitution began.

Transition into the United States of Friendship

On 17 December 2019, the Constitution of the State of Friendship was drafted and was ratified on 23 December 2019. For the next week, a provisional government served until the first elections on 31 December 2019 where Volkspräsident Ayane was elected. On 7 January 2020, a new state under the name of the State of Bernard joined into a union with the State of Friendship forming the United States of Friendship. On 13 January 2020, Volkspräsident Dai had to move across the continent so in order for them to stay a citizen the State of Ventura was created.


2020 was a relatively slow year for USF. In January two states were admitted to the Union the state of Bernard and the state of Ventura (also known as Nomadinnen). During March–June 2020 the nation was completely shut down to travel and trade this made the economy grind to a halt. In October the first major government split happened since it's creation the United States of friendship had a single party called the "National Friendship Party" (NFP) in October Volkspräsident Dai created her own party the "Communist-Socialist Party of Germania" (CSPG) so now the USF had a Two-party system Government. At the end of the year due to the state of national emergency from the Covid-19 Pandemic the Council appointed Volkspäsident Dai to serve as Volkspräsident until 31 December 2021.


With the start of 2021 the USF Government started becoming active again, this years focus is international relations however due to this more of the budget had to be allocated to Foreign Aid, Administration, and Military. so far popular support is up from last year and more people are voting with and average turnout of 71.42% which is 25.97% Higher than last year. so far this year there has been a population boom as more people have immigrated to the USF increasing the population from 11 to 22 (100.00% Increase). With the population boom came the creation of two new states, Pandemonium in Western Europe and Sea Parrot in Northern Europe. This ended up creating a small debate in government as the constitution does not state whether seats are counted by total population or state population. In June 2021 Volkspräsident Stand Martinez proposed a Universal Base Income (UBI) and it passed 3-1 in the House of representatives, inside the bill it also stated that everyone who becomes a citizen gets 125 Notes so that way no one enters the country without money, however a side effect of this is that taxes had to be raised from 25% to 40% with made the people a little unhappy but they quickly realized it was for the benefit of their fellow citizens.

On September 15, 2021, Volkspräsident Martinez changed their legal USF name to Ayane Martinez as part of their Transfemme Transition. On September 18, 2021,the Tax system was redone into a Progressive Tax system from the Flat Tax system previously used.

The Zoey-Germanian War

On September 29, 2021 the Kingdom of Zoey declared war on the United States of Friendship after a electoral dispute in USF when a citizen of the Kingdom of Zoey threatened to hold a coup after being denied the ability to run in the 2021 Volkspräsident election.The reason of denial being a lack of USF citizenship. At 21:38 September 29, 2021 the Declaration of War arrived. Over the next few days there were negotiation talks to end the war without bloodshed. On October 3, 2021 at one such negotiation meeting the King of the Kingdom of Zoey tried to flee out the window and threw a Dagger at the Volkspräsident, the Special Forces quickly tackled them. 10 minutes later they surrendered. In the Peace Negotiations the Kingdom of Zoey would become a Protectorate of the USF. Peace will officially come at 4:00 on October,4th,2021.


December 2019 - April 2020

During this time the economy was closer to Free Market Capitalism, business had environmental regulations and and had to pay a minimum wage but apart from that there was almost no regulation. During this time the economy was very inefficient and was failing.

April 2020 - October 2021

The economic system of the United States of Friendship during this time was a mixed economy that is strongly influenced by socialism. In the Germanian economic system of the time, all corporations were state-owned while small businesses are privately owned. The Germanian government encouraged the creation of small businesses to stimulate a local economy. As of 2021, the country has had stricter businesses laws along with the collectivisation of all farmland.

October 2021 - Present

After the Germanian October Revolution the economy became temporarily completely Centrally managed until the Constitution of the United Soviets of Social Germania is completed. After the new constitution is finished the economy will switch to a Decentralised planned economy.


Football (Soccer) is the official sport of the United States of Friendship with Baseball being a close 2nd favorite. The United States of Friendship have 10 Football teams and a National Baseball league.