Federal State of Zubey

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and largest city
Official languagesAustrian
Establishment6 May 2015
• Census
Time zoneUTC+1

The Federal State of Zubey (ger. Bundesland Zubey) is one of the two Federal States in the Kingdom of Zubey. It was founded on the 6 May 2015


Zubey is split in two Provinces (Teus and St. Atus)


Teus is the Capital Provinces of Zubey and the Kingdom of Zubey. It's the largest Province in Zubey with 12.393,57 m². There live 4 People in this Province. In Teus is the main place for Political Stuff

Famous Places

The Sea of Zubey

The Sea of Zubey is the most famous Water souce in Teus. The Sea is 5.524,91 m² big and the biggest deep is 30 meters. Around the Sea is a Forest

The Teus Pool

The Pool of Teus is the most used Water souce in Teus This 23,35 m² big and the biggest deep is 2.50 meters

The Kings Palce

The Kings Place (Other Name: Teus Place) is the Home of the King and his family members. The Place is 267,24 m² big, This one floor and a basement. There are 8 Rooms in the Palace.

St. Atus

The size of St. Atus is 1.300,11 m². There live 4 People St. Atus is the second most used place for Political Stuff

Famous Places

The St. Atus Palament

The St. Atus Palament is used for Political Stuff in St. Atus The Prime Minister and the other Minster meet togher there every two weeks on the Saturday. The Palament is 237,43m² big.