1st Zubey Prime Minister Election

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1st Zubey Prime Minister Election
← n/a 12th August, 2020 12th October 2020 →

All 7 seats
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Florian Schleizer Alexsander Batstein Reinhard Parg
Party Communist Party of Zubey (CPZ) Social Zubey Party (SZP) National Party Zubey (NPZ)
Leader since 3rd Dezember, 2016 15th June, 2019 1st April, 2020
Leader's seat Effards Prime Zubey District Batria District
Last election none none none
Seats before n/a 7 n/a
Seats won 3 2 2
Seat change 2 5 2
Popular vote 3 2 2
Percentage 42,86% 28,57% 28,57%

Majority Leader before election

Alexsander Batstein
Social Zubey Party

Elected Majority Leader

Florian Schleinzer
Communist Party of Zubey

The Zubey Prime Minister Election wasthe first Prime Minister election in the Kingdom of Zubey. The election was made public on the 1st August 2020, after the Prime Minister Election Act was passed.

History of Election in Mudor and Zubey


Archduke Adolf I. was not a fan of elections. There were some plans to make Elections in Mudor, but the Archduke always refused the plans. But when the 3rd Mudor-Zubey War broke out and Mudor was annexed by Mugel, King Gerald II made elections for the governor of Mudor.


During Archduke Colin I.'s reign, some changes were made to the politics of the country, so that elections were held every 3 months for the governor of Zubey. Parties were allowed to form before the elections.

The first Prime Minister was Alexsander Batstein. On the 12th of August 2020 the First Prime Minister election in Zubey were held. Florian Schleizer with the Communist Party won the elections.


Party Leader Votes %
Communist Party of Zubey Florian Schleizer 3 42.86
Social Zubey Party Alexsander Batstein 2 28.57
National Party Zubey Reinhard Parg 2 28.57
Popular vote