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This is a table with list of flags, arranged by dimensions, serving as a navigational aid for identifying a given flag.

Previously this page had contained the separate galleries. It was replaced by style of Russian Wikipedia's page about national flags proportions.

Following of alphabetical order and usage of shortened names of countries is necessary.

Flags of micronations

Dimension Result Flags Total amount
7:5 1.4 Flag of Verd'land.svg Verd'land 2
3:2 1.5 Flag of Atlantium.png AtlantiumElendors-kingdom-flag.jpeg ElendorVlagHeist.png Heist-op-den-BergFlag-of-Juclandia.png JuclandiaMolossia flag.png MolossiaLiberland Flag.png LiberlandFlag of Lovely.png LovelyFlag of the Lurk Republic.png Lurk
Flag of Sealand.png SealandFdros.png SezentraniaNewnatlinflag.png NatlinGoldensteinsnewflag.JPG Goldenstein
11:7 1.57142857 Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia 1
8:5 1.6 Flag ladonia.png Ohio Republic  • Indokistan 3
5:3 1.66666667 Kingdom of AtoviaGay flag (5-3).png Coral SeaFakeflag-mh2-au5.png Republic of Ellesmere 3
2:1 2 Aericaflag.png AericaFlag of Sabia and Verona.png Sabia and VeronaFlag of Seborga.png SeborgaFlag of the United States of Akkerman.svg USA 4

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